Audio mixer/router for use of FX pedals with Rytm+A4?

Hi Guys

I plan on running rytm into A4 ext. in and monitoring the overall mix from the A4. If I also wished to run 1-2 tracks out of the A4 via a reverb pedal and then back into the A4 … is there a simple audio mixer/router solution anyone can recommend? Really its just to route 2-3 sources into the single A4 ext. in


In case of Rytm and fx pedals, I’d go for a small mixer with eq, so you can shape the sound a bit, but if you buy a small mixer you could of course simply run A4 and Rytm into the mixer and use your fx pedals as send effects.
This way you could give your Rytm and your A4 an fx treat.

A&H Zed are nice small mixers with really good eqs for that price range.

Depends how many mono/stereo channels and sends/returns you need.

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heya …Ok thanks! appreciate that idea , didn’t think about using pedals in that way :slight_smile: