Audio Nauts (working title)*

want to try to give this concept (nauts vs clock, thread link pending) a reboot for 2020 but this time make it more personal to us (elektronauts).

been thinking about this from time-to-time and want to revise this but this time around have it more of our own thing, rather than a remix of against the clock.

anyone care to brainstorm this with me and get the plan running?

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I have a few ideas I would like to share first to take into account.
feel free to contribute your own to the discussion.

1)-one of the things I felt was holding (myself) along with maybe others back is the formal/greet yourself to the audience during Intro of video.
-lets take that out of the equation and focus more on jamming.
-no one really liked standing up in front of the class talking so why not take that pressure away from the more reserved people who are not comfortable with it.
-it’s just something I felt that could make this new venture more inviting to all.

2)-instead of making it an against the clock sort of deal, let’s make it more about showcasing/jamming/beatmaking/complete-beat-preview but with at least an Elektron device used in the process. ???


video will start off with the elektronauts user handle (I.e.-pgrm.woof) followed by a short description of the upcoming video and Elektron gear used along with third party gear.
I.e.- pgrm.woof…Audio Naut ep1-beat showcase, featuring model:cycles

and I’ll go about playing my finished beat along with captions explaining how it was implemented and other gear incorporated/effects used along with it.
Could be anything from hardware or vsts/daw but as long as the core stays the same meaning there has to be a mainstay Elektron device used.

And everyone’s episode will be unique to them.
Meaning someone would rather showcase themselves jamming or maybe someone would like to get more intricate and take use through the process of utilizing their gear to make a song of course featuring an Elektron piece.
But whatever fancy you let’s keep the roots about having an Elektron machine involved.

I think it will be not only fun but also a good way for all of us to learn something collectively.

And of course you rather talk but not be on camera that’s totally acceptable as well.
I just wanted to make a note that it’s not required.

Also I want this to be done collectively at an hq.
meaning one place where all of the videos will be uploaded first.
I think it will be way more organized and easier for us to recall past episodes apposed to sqouring the internet for certain videos only to have them removed/private.
Of course you’re more than welcome to upload your video to your own personal site after as well.

Also if we are going through with this I want it done rite.
meaning do t rush and upload something and report back here and start flooding the thread.
Let’s take our time with this and develop something that’s more along the lines of worthy content.
Take your time with the idea, filming, audio, etc.
also I feel there should be a final review before the video goes live. As in make sure everything is correct and properly described with details.
And also there should be a que of people participating/ uploads so it keeps the content flowing regularly rather than have a few a week then like none for the next two weeks.

Any thoughts you like to add please feel free to share as this is our project as a community.


** participants guideline **

as of march 14th, 2020 (updated regularly)

3 tiers:

(1st tier)____hek yeah count me in!

(2nd tier)____im interested (50/50)

(3rd tier)____eh still thinking about it but not really (25% below interested)

list of nauts participating:

-[you here]

*note- this list is to get a grander scale of how this project is developing and also network with the individuals who are involved to plan ahead accordingly



I think it should be a gear for all, if you don’t have an elektron, that’s fine. Also I feel there are already a lot of jam threads and share your tunes. the whole structure is lost when there aren’t any constraints. We can jam all day, but what it comes down to is how you go about making a track (selecting random notes, having something in mind, how well do you know your gear, have you established a style someone who likes your music would expect to see or hear in this instance.)

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establishing a video series related to the elektronauts forum only makes sense, IMO, if it has some basis in using elektron gear.

Totally dig this idea though.


I also really like this idea. If we can share some of our workflow tips, we can really benefit from some different perspectives.


@jefones @Cepheid
I updated the post with a list for participants.
theres a brief overview about it also.

you guys enlisting?

You don’t have any response to what I said? I feel like you’re skating over some valid points…

Yeah, but most posts I see the most are non elektron gear, I found out more about the stuff here than I do anywhere else? Why restrict it in that way?

Simply because elektronauts is an elektron related board. If it was the sp404 board I’d expect everyone needs a 404 to participate.

I know that other gear is often discussed on this board as we have some quite knowledgeable individuals, but there is no way that content outnumbers elektron related content. a curated video feed from elektronauts should have some relation to the core subject here.


wasn’t intentionally ignoring your question, im currently working on my music while trying to go back & fourth here, jotting down ideas.
also it seemed you might of missed the overall point from the impression I got from your first sentences.

let me explain further replying to a different quote of yours.

this answers your first quote in itself.
“but most post are of non elektron gear”
so lets start a new topic focusing on elektron gear, thus making it more streamlined and different from the others.

edit: jeftones explained it better

Focusing mainly on Elektron gear would make the most sense, right? That way when users are interested in tips, tricks, workflow ideas, we can have a cohesive resource for them to learn.

I think I’m like tier 2 in. Ill need to do some brainstorming on content.

I’m Tier 2 (50/50). I think we should let people use the equipment they want, as long as they use at least one piece of Elektron gear. And what’s wrong with people posting their own videos when they want to? Why do they have to be warehoused through one or two people (just asking)? :notes:

I am down. I guess 1st Tier? At least 1 piece of Elektron gear, I’d even be down for only Elektron gear but either way is cool.

cool, iam in

all rite the participation list has been updated.

there’s a few reasons.

-so we can have a streamlined all-in-one hub to view our videos. which makes it much easier to browse/find.
-also be much easier for outsiders to view and also network with. which leads me to my next reason.
-say for instance a blog wants to do a write-up about the project. what would they have to reference? a random yt page called, Billy’s Gaming & Brews? with the default video some Minecraft parody?
it just doesn’t look professional, let alone functional.
take against the clock as a reference, I can dig through and find old videos as I please.
imagine how difficult it would be to find old videos if everyone uploaded their own? the titles wouldn’t match, some might be removed, others might be private, etc. it would be a mess.

Keeping things organized is key.
much easier/practical.

although you can still upload your video if you still desire too on your personal page for whatever reason, but it would be best to do so after it’s been posted on the main hub.

this also helps with the timed, [new video ep upload]
I was thinking depending on how many people are involved we can have a timed schedule every 3 weeks or so at the same day and time.
I.e.- monday 1pm (time zone) every 3 weeks or whatever we think is best.


Wouldn’t all the videos be posted directly under the same thread, with no links (so people don’t have to leave the forum)? If uniformity and appearance are issues, couldn’t someone create a standard opening video clip like the one on Against The Clock’s that everyone can put at the front of their videos? Maybe all titles should be the same, with some secondary title given by the composer. You’re giving people a wide breadth as to how their video could look/be, so they’re going to look quite a bit different anyway. I’m not trying to be a jerk about this, I’m just trying to understand the reasons why. :v:

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When approached this way, you’re confining yourself/us to this forum only.
Meaning it wouldn’t be reaching out to new/curious people who might be interested.
Having one hub with all our videos outside this thread invites people to inquire who might not of found it otherwise (being locked to this thread only)

*random beatmaker: oh look cool, didn’t really know about these elektron machines or what they were really capable of doing. Seems like a rad idea, maybe I should check out the forums and get involved.

It leaves this project open to grow and continue progressing

As for the Audionauts official intro/outro im already working on it.
When I have something to show with the progression of it, I’ll post here.

Will always keep this project updated with new information as it arrives.

I’m not saying people shouldn’t post their videos to their YouTube or Instagram sites (it’s their property), I was just saying to post the videos directly to the thread without links that take people out of the forum. Plus, why burden one person with the task of posting all the videos? Also, does it really matter if there isn’t always constant content? :scorpion: