Audio rate stutter edit using this effect in other keys or tempos

Using freeze delay in lock mode on flex track
Very short buffer sizes get into audio rate which can be fun - works out to be 1/256 of a beat (I believe)

Clearly the pitch of this audio rate effect (similar to retrigger) is determined by the tempo of the project

I found that in the key of D at 138bpm the audio rate stutter is within 3-4 cents of the root/tonic

I wanted to open a thread to talk about any tips related to using this effect in other keys or tempos. I guess you can export the stem then compensate pitch and tempo in DAW post mangling but this is not ideal for mix quality

The virus has ‘atomizer mode’ with directly tuned audio rate pitches.
Obviously other stutter edit vst’s exist but the advantage of a flex track is a massive buffer (ie the entire flex sample) to use freeze delay on any section of the sample (which stutter edit 2 cannot do I believe unless you manually chop up the sample and feed it in separately)