Audio set-up in Garageband - input keeps switching back and forth

I’m pretty much a novice with music production and a lot of my early issues are related to getting used to how to connect my gear.

I’m currently connecting my Model Samples to my 2013 MacBook Pro with the USB cable that came with the MS. I get an audio track opened up in Garageband and I am able to record into Garageband, but the audio-in/out settings continually flick back and forth between ‘Model:Samples input’ and ‘Built-in Input/Output’ in 'Garageband Preferences (settings). At first I though maybe a problem with USB cable, so I used another one but still had the same recurring problem.

Is it just generally not a reliable way to connect the MS to a Mac, or should I hook up the MS to an audio interface and connect audio interface to my Mac? Thank you. Martin.

Agh, I think I have an idea. I probably need to use a powered USB/MIDI hub right? Especially when I’m plugging multiple devices in (MS Samples, Volca Keys, FM, etc). Probably best to have multiple devices plugged into a separate hub and not directly into Mac. Or better still into an audio interface or mixer.

Connecting any device directly to a computer’s USB port should (in theory) always be the most reliable way. Especially with audio devices. If you wanted to get yourself a hub anyway, try it but don’t expect too much.

Can’t remember right now, does GarageBand support 48kHz? The Model:Samples’ native sample rate is 48kHz and I think the GarageBand default is 44.1kHz. Try changing this if possible.

Otherwise you should ask Elektron support for help, I guess.