Audio though USB

Hey yall,
So I unfortunately broke my audio interface today so I only have ableton and the elektron analog heat. Is there anyway that I can just use the USB to send and receive audio and record into an ableton track post heat output? Thanks!


AH can act as a Soundcard with its Audio Ins and Outs.

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I understand that is the case. When I use it as the input and output in ableton I still don’t get what I am expecting; namely a way to record this as a waveform. Please be more specific on technique, possible step-by-step. Thanks!

I am using the AH as a sound card. It’s pretty simple, but might take some time to get it it running correctly (getting your settings right).
step one- Download and install overbridge with usb not connected to your computer.
Step two - plug in usb to computer from AH.
Step three- open ableton and choose AH as sound card.
Hope this helps

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Analog Heat MKII also functions as a 2 in/2 out sound card for your computer and can be used for both recording and monitoring audio. At the same time you can, via Overbridge, use the effect to process another set of audio signals.