Audit presets using external keyboard

Hey guys. I use my Analog Four with an external keyboard (Axiom 61) connect via 5pin midi cable and it work great, but when I am auditioning a preset before load it into the track (before hit Yes button) I can only listen it playing from the A4 tiny keyboard, my external keyboard still playing the current loaded preset, so my questions is:

Is there any way to audit the presets using the external keyboard? I mean, it’s not a big deal, but would be nice to be able to do it.


Nope :\

This is something I wish I could do as well.

yea, just use MIDI ch 9

what is this dark magic you speak of???
(thx ;))

I think he’s referring to the AUTO channel that should be by default on channel 9.

I remember other threads speaking about the ability to live-rec the sound you are focusing within Banks using an ext-keyboard, without the need to actually load that sound in the Track.

I changed to channel 9 and it worked like a charm.

Thank you

AWESOME !!! big thanks for the channel 9 info!

If we could only live-rec the multi-maps from an ext keyboard.