Audition new sounds over MIDI?


When changing sounds, I understand that I can audition the new sound before committing to it.

My process:

  1. Double-click the Track button to open the sound browser.
  2. Navigate to a sound.
  3. Audition the sound by clicking on one of the Trig keys.
  4. Repeat 2 and 3 until I find a sound I like.
  5. Click ‘Yes’ to commit the sound to the Track.

This works great. However, I want to audition the sounds using a MIDI keyboard without having to go through the process listed above.

Is this possible?



Replace step 3 with

Audition with external midi keyboard set to send on the DN’s Auto Channel

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Thanks for the reply.

That makes no sense…but now I have something to look for in the manual (I just got the SynthDawg version today), I’ll see what I can figure out.



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Unless your question hasn’t been understood, that’s pretty much what the auto channel is there for. It allows an external device to act as if it was the internal keys. The auto channel should be a unique channel

If you want to load a sound from the browser and keep the browser open then replace 5 with Func + yes, that permits auditioning in track.

There’s no shortcut when using an external keyboard, you still need all steps

It makes perfectly sense, because this is just how the DN works.

If you would have added “I want to change sounds with my external MIDI keyboard too using Program Change messages” then the answer will be no as PC messages are used to change the active patterns, not to change patches.


Forgive me…I meant that it makes no sense because I am a brand new user to the Digitone, I’m still figuring this thing out :joy:. I’m not new to MIDI, but I am new to working like this, I’ve never had to ‘auto channel’ anything.

So my keyboard controller is a Keystep Pro. It has 4 mini sequencer Tracks on it, each one can transmit on its own MIDI channel:

Track 1: Tx Ch 1
Track 2: Tx Ch 2
Track 3: Tx Ch 3
Track 4: Tx Ch 4

Each KSP sequencer Track is controlling Digitone synth Tracks 1-4:

T1: Rx Ch 1
T2: Rx Ch 2
T3: Rx Ch 3
T4: Rx Ch 4

I can program 4 different sequences on the KSP, play them out to the 4 synth Tracks on the Digitone when I hit ‘play’ on the KSP.

What I’d like so do is be able to select the sequencer Track on the KSP, tinkle the keys, and have the Digitone respond to those note events on the respective synth Track during the process of auditioning sounds. This kind of workflow works fine during normal playback and sequencing, just not when auditioning sounds.

I’d like to do it without having to set that particular KSP’s sequencer Track to the same MIDI channel the Digitone’s Auto Channel is set to (Ch 10 at the moment).



That is, unfortunately not possible. The “audition mode” on the DN only listens to the configured auto channel (channel 10 in your case).

I don’t know exactly how the KSP works, but you can configure a different midi channel for the drum sequencer (track 1), so setting that to 10 and temporary switching track 1 to drum mode could be a workaround for you?

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Setting Midi Channels on the basic KeyStep is super easy - may be the same on KSP

Sure it’s an extra step - but your fall back for auditioning sounds is the internal ‘keyboard’ if this seems like it’s too long winded

It’s hard to imagine that the KSP sequencer is more powerful for use with a DN than its own Seq, but each to their own

If you use DN sequencer, then just leave KSP permanently set to Auto Chan and when you change tracks on DN it’s working seamlessly as though part of DN