Auditioning and Renaming and Tagging RYTM in OB

So, how do I rename a sound via the comp on OB? How can I edit tag? I tried rt click, cmd option, nothing works.
Can you edit the name and tag of a sample or sound in OB?
Can you audition the samples by clicking in OB not by touching anything on the Rytm

On the Rytm you can audition samples by Function + Yes, how can I do that on OB?

Also, In my OB when I look at the sound pool for the RYTM, what exactly am I looking at?
In the +drive section of OB I see all my sounds… cool, but in the sound pool section I don’t see the sounds that correspond to the project.

Where do I see the samples for the Project? Or even the Samples from the +Drive? Is that available yet or perhaps in the next version?