Automate output sends?


I don’t have a Machinedrum, but I’m contemplating getting one… I have a quick question:

Can you somehow P-lock or quickly manually change which track gets sent to which output?

I’m wondering if I can do a “delay throw” type of manoeuver: Send one snare hit to a delay connected to, let’s say, output C in addition to the main outputs…

How would you go about this with the Machinedrum?


No unfortunately not. Outputs are in the global settings page and can’t be p-locked. There are plenty of work arounds to do this though. The first one I can think of is simply using an additional track for these sends. With 16 tracks on the MD I have never actually used all of them in a pattern.

I agree, this would be very easy to do, just by using a duplicate track. And I also never use all 16 tracks for a pattern

Okay. You guys are probably right :slight_smile:

I think I’m gonna have to go to a music store and have a jam with the MD. It seems like it could be a very good fit for my needs, but it’s sometimes hard to differentiate between GAS and ‘need’, if there is such a thing with drum machines…

Thanks for the help!

I think you can when using the differents GLOBAL modes , and switch between them when the sequencer is still running.
You have 8 diffretns setting availble for routing the outputs