Automate the Models?

Is automation possible with the Models?

If you put the Cycles into Live Record mode (hold [REC] and tap [PLAY]), and play the “keys” or twist the knobs, the changes/additions get recorded.

I assume it’s the same with the Samples (‘cos it’s the same with every other Elektron that has a sequencer).

Many thanks my friend, I’ll try asap. I’d like to automate a change of pitch… :smiley:

One thing to note, the automation is quantised to steps, because the Elektrons use step sequencers. Recording knob movements adds “parameter locks” it doesn’t “draw a curve” like in a DAW.

Automating a pitch change might be better with an LFO.

I’ve tried but I didn’t get what I wanted

You’re right, it automates alright but the result is terrible. I’ve got to try again using the LFO until I like what I get. Anyway, thanks again.

Yeah, sadly the sample rate of automation is very low, 1 change per step and no smooth changes.

If you want smooth automation your options are LFO, live performance, external automation and recording a live performance as a sample on another device.

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It’s kind of crazy that you can’t turn on smooth automation as an option. Korg has had it for over 20 years.