Automation in empty sequence

I was sure a4/AK did this, like volca keys + minilogue. So record a bunch of movement in to a pattern without any note trigs, then play the pattern, whatever you play live on the keyboard has the automation. From quick attempt it seems like pattern automation can only effect pattern trig notes, not loose stuff played on top. Bummer :frowning: Was planning to do some long evolving stuff that would lead to some random/epic pads when notes were played on keyboard. Anyone know if it’s possible/workaround? Going to read the manual again today…

As I know automation works for trigs only (please correct me if I’m wrong).
But you can use LFOs, Envelopes, Aftertouch, Wheel Mod, Velocity Mod and other stuff to add life to live performance. Also you have joystick to control many parameters and performance mod. I understand that this is not exactly you want, but even using this features you can obtain fantastic results.

Rec+play (live rec) then, do your things, that’s all

Ututunku is right I’m afraid, it was a little disappointment for me too when I bought my instrument. All automations = locks are overwritten by the notes you play on the keyboard. Now this has other advantages when playing live over a written track. and as Uturunku says there’s the Live - modolations wich are so extensive that I’ve never used them all.
On the other hand, as all locks are stored in the pattern and not at Kit - level, loading another sound on a track implies that all locked automations are now changing that sound.

??? really ? - gonna try this out… if I understand you what you mean is to do this on a track wher there’s only parameter-locks and no note-trig data ? But then those notes you play would be recorded, so that’s not the solution …

Probably, its logical that trigs automation doesn’t affect live playing from keyboard, because user can automate such things which can have a conflict between info from keyboard and sequencer, i.e. you have slide from note C to E in sequencer, but you play A note on keyboard… What sequencer should do in this case? IMO it is very difficult to calculate and program all this situations and the best idea is to not implement such things. But probably I’m wrong.

Thanks everyone for confiming it’s a no go on this. Bummer :frowning:

I think is feasible in the Monomachine : you can choose your trigs to affect only AMP, FILTER or LFO…

Weird it’s not the case in A4K…
But makes me wanna try your trick on the MM, now that you talk about this !!

Thinking again : aren’t you willing to record only trigless trigs ?
Is that what you mean ?
Doesn’t it works ??
I would have say it does…
Impatient to test this. I just watched Sonicstate Nick’s demo on Minilogue and I really wanted to try something like this !!

Aw you need it plays your automations when you’re live playing! I think no, you can’t since live playing not affected by trigless. You can maybe use trigless LFO for that . No you can"t : live playing is not affected by plock.
BUT since you’re on AK (not A4) you can waste a track to loop a voice into A4 filter and tweak that “slave” track but you don’t have a lot of parameters to lock for your processed sound!!! (isn’t that great? :wink: )

Sorry , but aren’t the Trigless -trigs meanth to do that.?

Sorry , but aren’t the Trigless -trigs meanth to do that.? And you can record 1 trigless trig if I remember correctly…