Avalon Bassline...worth it?/ Opinion

So are there any users of Avalon Bassline in here? Im trying to form myself an opinion of the Avalon Bassline but everyone seems so uber glad over that synth…no reviews, user videos mostly of generic acid and lots of praise…is it that good?
Im wondering because i might be buying one of thoose Basslines.
I would be really glad to hear the honest truth about that machine…not the truth where u try to justify buying a expensive synth u really dont like but u paid for it :wink:

All the best to all of u

I’ve had that on my backburner as well but unfortunately there are barely any videos of it in practice, probably because it is pretty expensive.

If you want the authentic TB303 sound and sequencer it seems like you can’t do better other than buying an original. The real question to ask is how much you love that sound because that is what you’re getting.

I know it allows for plugging in additional filter cards as well so that should be able to get a few other sounds but, again, no reviews out there yet.

Was hoping for a sound on sound or sonic lab review.

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i know @subq has one on the forum, but I haven’t seen him post in a while so perhaps you should PM him.

From what I’ve read and seen, the build quality surpasses all the other clones.

Also DinSync has this, the RE-303 that looks like the closest to the original.

The Avalon is still more desirable to me due to the build quality and filter cards though :smiley:

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big thread about it on gearslutz

in general people seem very happy with it.probably the best 303 thats not a 303.

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Planning on getting one sometime this year.

I know for a fact there are a few peeps on here who have one, but I won’t name names…

Yeah, that seems to be the general consenses, very positive all in all.

I own an Avalon. The build quality is unsurpassed. It has most capabilties of the devilish minus the filter fm and overdrive. Although the additional sub oscillator seems to over drive at high levels, and adds an amazing dynamic to the sound. It has realtime live control of accent, slide, pitch on the fly… You can program the sequencer just like an original tb303 or use the updated modes that blow every other 303 sequencer out of the water. The additional mod envelope can be triggered per step and sent positively/negatively to the vcf and/or amp. The CV I/O lends itself to integration with a modular in a great way. This thing has a vibe all it own.

You can use it like a 303 and make it sound just like a 303, or you can kick in that next level acid vibe. It’s up to you.

This thing rocks.



Now I can. Madchiller has an Avalon :stuck_out_tongue:

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Damn you all, now I want one!

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I have one as well. I don’t think they are worth a price for a new one when there are loads of x0xb0xes and basslines around, but as mentioned, it does both have a vibe of its own at same time as it is the quintessential 303 clone. I used to own a FR-777 and I like the Avalon better. Too bad about not including VCO>filter FM though. We’ll see what the cartridge system does to open up even more sounds.

The interface is really neat, but not really oriented towards one-hand operation (which worked quite well with the FR-777 for example). IMHO it lacks exactly one function/shift button.

As of now filter cv offset per step (sort of parameterlocking!) is not workable in the firmware, but this is being fixed. Per-step gate and slide times are a neat addition, but the original 303 slide still sounds the best. I guess the others need exponential/linear curve user options to make things different but still rubbery.

I’m not letting go of mine.


I hate the sound of the 303 or its clones. As soon as i listen a track with a 303 on it, i stop dancing. Its just the same old noise it can produce.
YES it was cool 1993-1997, but now its kind of old & lame.

A guitar is not comparable to a 303 acid box.

For balance, I’ll chime in and say, I love acid! :slight_smile:
If I didn’t already have an MC202 and A4 I might save up but more likely to go for a cheaper clone if I had to, like someone else said.

Hmm decisions,decisions,…the smart thing would be waiting. Got some stuff on the way (Biscuit, Acidbox 2)…
But it shure would be nice with a Bassline…or maybe a case for eurorack :confused::joy:
Well i will try to hold on to the cash until end of this month…some more time to make my mind up and forget…wich i probably will do when NAMM starts :wink:

Not sure how you can say that. Mosts other clones run around $450-$550, and are plastic made with cheap pots, switches, and hardware… An original 303 is going for $2-3k. This thing is built like a tank (steel case/bolted pots), and has way more features? Not worth $950? For me the build quality alone is worth it.


But what about the sound? On one of my FB Group’s one of the guys who bought two Avalons (for some reason) is still searching to get a real TB-303. He bought two of them, I know he loves it but it’s like every day he’s asking questions about the original and looking at other clones and emulations like the Twisted Electrons Acid8 and the forthcoming AudioRealism ABL3 VST/AU, which I might add sounds pretty damn good for a plug-in that’s been done before.

This might be helpful.


It won’t sate your high end GAS but the roland MC-09 is a sleeper acid box that can be had for very few beans these days…

Some people just have uncontrollable GAS, and more money than sense. :wink: If it’s a certain Italian gentleman you speak of, I know him, and would say he is an extremely big fan of the 303. He bought a tt303 and when asked why he said. “Just to spend more money”.

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i speak of no one.
I too am a GAS sufferer.
Not gassing for a 303 clone currently.

It’s a cheap tacky toy box, but MC-09 makes filthy raw acid >8)

the mb33 retro sounds really nice , only £100 (was cheaper in black friday sales but i missed out)

i got
mb33 mk1 rack
analog 4
and probably other boxes that can do nice acid style things so i think im ok.
gone a little mad with Gas , this year i need to trim down.

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Love my avalon. Had a revolution, sold it when I got the tt303. Mainly cos it was massive and the tt is a better reproduction. But I dont have much faith in the longevity of the tt.

Avalon wins yet again as a clone + cv integration + extra osc + excellent build + future filter carts. Tt is good but avalon just wipes the floor with it.

Given all the extras Compared to other clones price is worth it I think. But obviously its price is almost in the range of the next tier of synths such as the a4 that bring a whole other level of features. So on that note maybe its about $100 too much. But no regrets on the purchase here. And I say that honestly as requested.