Bach Prelude no.1 for typewriter, felt piano, Deluge and DIY Monome Norms

I love Bach. His music always has this special thing that makes our hair stand on end, like if it could touch our hearts with every note. This past March 31st was the 335th anniversary of his birth and this is a small tribute to his music. Taking his Prelude nº1 from the Well Tempered Clavier as a base, with its marvellous and modulating harmony, I tried to make it my own and played it with my muted felt piano and included some electronics sounds. I added a melody and a bass with the Deluge and also two tracks with crazy effects with the Compass script for Monome Norms (one track for the piano and another one for the Olivetti)
Do you like my Olivetti Studio 44? I removed all dust from it for the video.

Take a look here to know more about the Synthstrom Deluge:
More info about Norns:
Look here for more details about building youserlf a Fates (DIY Norns):
More info about the Compass script:


Very impressive.

Bach is the man. If he was around today he’d be a synth geek, without a doubt.
How about a cello suite? :wink:

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Yes! He would be a synth enthusiast for sure! :grinning:


This is lovely.

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(As a child in piano class, when made to play technical Bach pieces I really felt more like I was playing a typewriter than a piano :smile: )

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Great work!

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Thanks! Bach sometimes is very hard to play, so it’s easy to forget how beautiful the music is. He is always very generous in the amount of notes in his pieces.

Haha yes he is!

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Really beautiful piece and nicely filmed/edited too.

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