Backing up sound packs you didn't originally buy?

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I’m looking at buying an ARmk1 with over a dozen paid sound packs. Since the seller bought the sound packs, not me, is it possible for me to back them up on my computer? This might be a stupid question but I’m wondering if there’s some kind of copyright protection in the files that wouldn’t allow me to do this. I’m sure a time will come to upgrade the OS or have to do a factory reset.


Edit: It didn’t occur to me that these were not supposed to be transferable. Definitely not trying to step on any toes or disrespect any artists! I was imagining it more like buying a car and paying more for the extra upgrades. Lesson learned.

Yes you can back them up technically.

Sounds to me like a moral question, since the seller could still have the patches saved somewhere, and load them onto the machine he decides to buy again, or share them.

I have to say, patches are not realy expensive, and the creators are mostly indi people who make these things from a place I believe is passion. They deserve my money.

You decide…

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Elektron soundpacks (and most others) are not transferable from one party to another. So you won’t have any right to redownload them etc. They can be backed up just like any sound of course although they shouldn’t be sold on from the original purchaser.

This is why there are no adverts with soundpacks on Elektronauts. It’s against the terms of the licence.


Sounds like a great chance to try them out and decide what you like and buy those.

Yes, I wouldn’t be too worried about it except for the fact that the seller is asking a higher price because of the included packs. “Over $200” worth. He’s barely budging on the price.

Edit: Deleted the link.

Troy might have to change his reverb advert now you’ve linked to it on Elektron’s forum. Who knows, you may get it cheaper, but if it was posted here it would be unlisted until that aspect was fixed in line with the software licence terms.

Technically speaking it’s not really a discussion we should be having, it shouldn’t appear to be condoned or facilitated.


Oh jeez, it seems I’ve committed a few faux pas in this post. I’m new here. Still trying to figure this all out!

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The person selling is more the party that needs to understand what’s permitted and what’s not imho, but by rights they shouldn’t be bumping up the price on account of those. Tbh I wouldn’t expect Elektron to go chasing this, but they sure wouldn’t give it a green light either seeing as they’re possibly out of pocket. There are other parties who license software through Elektron too and it wouldn’t be right if we were appearing to be light on this stuff.