Backup of large projects

Did a search here, seems to be mostly about backing up stuff on elektron devices (naturally). Thought Id ask if anybody has found ways of adequately backing up large projects full of midi and audio - im hearing about mirror systems but find it hard to find good resources about setting up. It would be lovely to have a mirror and then after a session press a button and it would update a full backup state without duplicates etc. Anybody got something set up? Im on WIN10…

Sorry, no answers from me, but I’ll bump the thread for you since I’m curious about this as well. Maybe somebody with more knowledge can step in. Currently I just drag&drop files to a USB hard-drive about 1x per week. Better than nothing, but pretty clunky.

What sort of projects? Most DAWs (I use Cubase) have some kind of backup

I guess i mean something like automatic backup or mirror drives ensuring multiple backups or a total working state duplicate…other than that its normal daw files, just looking into getting a bit pro with back up for big project…

A quick and simply solution are mirrored volumes.

Another quick and simple solution which is more granular then mirroring a complete volume is to use a scheduled task. Just use a tool like robocopy to copy the content from one directory to another and let it run in regular intervals (best with conditions like when user idle or something like this).

Scheduled tasks can be configured this way:

Here you can find another bunch of solutions:

In general there are myriads of possibilites. It all boils down to your specific requirements, budget and, of course, your own skills in regard to computer usage.

Ah, that had an instruction for when theres already data in the drive, cool thanks! Bit of a detail question - will this have to be drives (installed as drives in the comp) or could I use the Windows tool with external hard drives that I might plug/unplug?

I’m not sure how and if mirrored volumes will work with removable drives. A quick “google” give this:

Seems to be possible. Either jump at it and experiment with some spare drives/sticks or do some more detailed research on the net.

Thank you - I found some things but great with a second opinion. You mentioning the sl88 led me down a bit of chase by the way :slight_smile:

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