Backup Project

How to backup a project from Model Cycles to macOS Big Sur? I’m using Transfer and Sysex librarian.

I was trying to use only Transfer at first but it seems that it is impossible to do this only with Transfer.

I downloaded Sysex and here is what I do…

I start it. Then in Transfer I choose Sysex as MIDI in and Cycles as out. I press “Connect”. It is loading some time but nothing happens after.

Other variant…
I press in Sysex “Record Many” and then press “Connect”. It is writing some kind of data, but it is not the project from Cycles, because it is writing the same data all the time, with or without Cycles.

Of course when I try to backup project I press send active project in Cycles and it shows blinking “Sending Project” and nothing happens.

So what I have to do?


I too have not successfully backed up my Cycles yet and would love to know what I’m doing wrong. When I open that app it tries to connect for a while and nothing ever happens. I haven’t tried in some time.

The option i’ve been entertaining in terms of “backing up” is recording midi in Ableton or Maschine to safe the song structure information. Pretty annoying how difficult project management is on the Cycles.

As it happens, I’ve had similar symptoms with poor USB connection with Transfer and sysex librarian. What I’ve found, by experiment, is that my M:C does not sustain a USB connection with my macbook while both the macbook and the M:C are connected to mains power. The workaround for me is either to power M:C from a power bank, or else disconnect the macbook from power temporarily. I’ve also discovered that some brands of USB cable make the problem worse. I have a support ticket open with Elektron, but I haven’t fed all this back to them yet.

Thanks for the tips! I’m going to try all of this soon, maybe I’ll finally have some better luck. :crossed_fingers: