Bad buttons

Especcially the sequencer buttons are very unresponsive at times. Is it the way it is or do i have a fd up unit? Just bought it used last night jeez…

Is this the Function key getting stuck? You can get Elektron to send you a replacement button overlay and it’s a pretty simple replacement to fix that problem.

Happened to mine and a bunch of others, there was an initial flaw in the button sheet where that one was “sticky” as it was too thin and ripped.

No sometimes the triggers just wont go away even i press 2-3 times but quite often they work. They seem very poor quality.
I also had the machine reboot twice for no reason.

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I’d open it up, clean the pads and underneath and see if that helps, you might try replacing the pads entirely (should be under warranty or possible beyond.)

Rebooting sounds like it might be an issue of the tiny diameter power adapter barrel. Honestly, it’s not my favorite design choice of Elektron’s.

It’s fine when I place it on the table, but when it’s on my lap and I move my legs, the flex can cause a shutdown/reboot.

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Ok yeah it was in bed with me :relaxed:

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Yeah, it seems like a cut corner that affects build.

I’m not bitter but i hope they address it in any similar small models going forward.

Use quicker presses. The time between a press registering as an add/remove press and a parameter lock press is pretty short.


I “struggled” with this too in the beginning: removing trigs seemed very unresponsive. Until I realised you have to tap quite quickly/short to remove them.

Okay thanks for the replies. It’s a great machine and instantly inspired me to play some live techno. Wish it would integrate better with my Bass Station 2.