Bag for Octatrack

I was looking in the forums and internet what could be the best bag to transport the octatrack, alone or with other gears like any volcas or several cables, but I didnt find a really good option.

It will be very useful if someone can help me to buy a bag to carry the octatrack according to your opinions (important: it should be available to buy nowadays).


I carry 2 Octatracks in one of these
It’s wonderfully crafted, high quality. It fits 1 Octatrack very comfortably and the other is a little bit tight, but fine. There’s plenty of space in the pockets and back sleeve for cables, adaptors, power plugs etc.
Recommended :slight_smile:

Ohh, thanks for your recommendation, it seems a very good bag.

Do you need the plastic cover for each octatrack?

I don’t think they are necessary with this bag. You could wrap them in a material of some sort to be extra safe. There is a zip in the front pocket that could scratch something, but it’s pretty unlikely. Safe to use!

I’m just using a timbuk2 messenger bag to carry mine. Remember the black plastic ends that supported your machine inside the box? If you trim them down they’re great for protecting the knobs till you get the official cover.

Okay, I’ll use it while I save some money to buy one of this bags (really expensive comparing the end price of the ot)

Literally just use any cheap bag you have lying around, it’ll protect it just the same. You don’t need some producer exclusive bag to carry your stuff around as long as the knobs are protected and no shit is going to get into the ports.

I use the PS3 official bag from Sony

Used to know a fellow that would transport his gear in a beat up old doctor’s bag. Mind you, he was a bit of a strange artist type with those bowling alley shoes and whatnot…


Not a bag, but an appropriately sized case for a really nice price;

If I really needed a bag I would just get the lid from Elektron and find an old (or new) messenger bag or laptop bag. That’s what I’m thinking about doing…

I just wanted to let anyone who was curious know, this case is a pretty good option for my Octatrack. I use the foam inserts that came with the OT, and it is held firmly in place in this case. There is also enough extra room for the power supply, headphones, and whatever cables you need to drag around with you! I like it fine…

This backpack perfectly fits 2 Elektron machines, a laptop, cables and even have a special pocket for headphones. I have it. I love it.

What do you think about the elektron bags ? They are intended for 3 desktops. (RYTM, A4 & Octatrack), can you also comfortably move 2 of the devices?
Do they feel save in the bag? Is this still hand luggage going to fly with it ? Do you feel save, if you hand it over via a belt on the airport?

Magma Riot DJ XXL pack is one of the best bags for transporting this type and size of gear. It comes highly recommend by someone who has used this bag for over two years and completed over 50 trips with my gear for many purposes.

This is just an inactive snapshot of the bag and some images on the site…

Click the link for further info:

It often looks big in pictures but in person, it is the right size for carry-on/overhead cabin space and has modular pieces in the inside so that you can fit and secure your gear in a great mobile pack. You can carry a 19" laptop in a separate pocket and a bunch of cables, headphones, etc.

Plus, those compact foldable carts you can get at the airport will work perfectly for convert it into a trolley bag. It also has straps to secure the bag to the cart. I remember buying this at the 2013 BPM Show and the guys at he booth mentioned that the bag was made and tested with this use in mind but they didn’t make a cart for it since there was countless options available.

The bag has those plastic/waterproof type zippers which can be locked. There’s a waist and adjustable staps to make it a book bag and/or you can carry it horizontally, like a case. Many options.

Kinda expensive but once you see the inside and the modular pieces, you’ll know it’s an awesome bag.

No offense to Mono bags but the material construction of this bag is superior. The best way to describe it is that all of the seems and angles are made for travel and the all-over black appearance is awesome because nosey people don’t pick-up what you have until you open it up…oh yeah, it opens in two halves like a clam shell and in the compartment you fasten your gear, there’s a flap and a belt to hold stuff in place. I place one modular piece in between my hardware units and all is good.

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says the Elektron
Gig Bag - EGB-1
can rock 3 Octatracks…

I went for a custom one from StudioSlips

Do you have a working link? This one sounds good!

I don’t have the dimensions right now but one of these should do it. Not sure if you have a harbor freight close by but you could always bring your OT there if that were the case.

This bag is great.
I can put 2 elektron with their plexi protection in it!