Balanced input jacks not making connection

I have a MOTU Interface and 2 of the balanced 1/4" inputs don’t work properly. I’m noticing I have to lightly press down on the cables to get audio so I’m thinking there’s something internally that is not making a proper connection. Can anyone advise me on fixing this? Are there some pins inside I can bend out or something?

Just Google image a female TRS/phone 1/4 audio cables. Its about 90 year old tech (or more). Look with proper light and you might be able to tell if that’s the problem- compare what you see with the working jacks. If your issue is in fact with the jack contacting the male plug, it’s as simple as bending the contacts in proper place. This happens on electric guitars often enough.

More common however is a poorly soldered audio cable, or an old one that has just seen it’s day.

If you open up your interface you may find the jacks are closed type, which means try to use a scribe to go in through the working end of the jack to pry the contacts closer to center. Try that first before opening it up.

Reasonable mechanical aptitude is advised in order to not mess anything up. And unplug the power/computer, etc.

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I can’t recall where, but a user here reported a similar observation and took the issue up with MOTU … It turned out to be the cables

Just be sure to methodically rule this out/in … ideally with quality jacks/cables

I’ve tested cables. It’s definitely the jack.

Too bad, Anyway - just FTR (for anyone with a different/related issue) - this user was adamant and MOTU agreed an issue, but it in fact turned out to be down to the tolerances on the TRS plugs being used - try Neutrik if possible

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Yes. This is me! It happened with 3 different ULMK5 units, so it’s def. a hardware issue in regards to the type of jacks they use. It’s not the cables that are actually broken, it’s that the TRS aren’t totally lined up.

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So I get signal fine in all jacks but 2. When I plug the same cables into those jacks I only get signal when pressing down on them slightly.

Then that’s a faulty jack. Possibly on the board connections itself.