BANK/PATTERN change via midi

I have a question. I use my octatrack live as effect unit/sampler/sound source. It is hooked up to a computer in a rack running ableton Live! where my main backing tracks and mix is. I control the OT with midi sync and midi bank/program change.

As an example i want my OT to sample my lead singers voice live (which goes into Ableton and sends audio to the OT). This works fine and im able to sample her vocals and manipulate them live.

Another example is that I want the OT to change patterns and bank during one parts of my performance. I have programmed this in Live and it works well.

But what worries me is that it ONLY works with my old ass Midisport UNO usb interface.

I have tried several other (higher quality) midi to usb interfaces. It syncs but doesn’t trigger record OR change pattern.

Have you experienced anything like this? Is it because the OT only reads one kind of midi CC messages? Is there a midi knowledge base for the OT other than that in the manual?

Check whether Ableton, the MIDI interfaces (whose names you didn’t mention), or the OT are filtering out MIDI note messages or Program Change messages.

Check that the correct settings are made in the OT’s PROJECT > MIDI menus.

Het PeterHans. Tanks for replying. The midi interface is a midisport uno (as I Think i mentioned in my post with a link) :slight_smile: . It works. I trid to user other kinds of interfaces without luck - which I find strange. What Im wondering is if anyone has had the same issue. One kind of midi interface working and not another type.

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I have not had such problems? With which interfaces is your set-up not working?

M audio midisport 2x2.