BANK, PTN and Add Notes LEDs always on?

Hellooo Elektronauts,

1st post here in the forums. Haven’t needed to clog up the conversations
yet as a lot of my questions have been answered already. Really appreciate
all the insights and opinions here. Y’all are wonderful.

I’ve had the DN for a half year now and am wondering if I’ve just forgotten
a clock setting somewhere or something because I got an ARmkii last week
and have just been learning the ins and outs of that workflow.

But without any midi plugged in or out on the DN the bottom 3 LEDs are just
kind of wigging out and I’m not sure why. Sometimes really spastically.
Otherwise they’re always illuminated :confused:
Sure for now it isn’t causing any direct problems with functionality
but I’m concerned something is wrong.
I’ve turned off any sort of clock receives/sends and it’s still happening.
Noting’s plugged in to usb either. Tried overbridge mode off and on as well.

Tried searching the forum for this issue but to no avail.
Any insights or ideas what’s up?


I’d raise a ticket at for that one. Looks like it needs to be repaired

Thanks for responding lol

Damn was afraid of that.
Will submit a ticket and let ya know of the outcome

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