Barfunkel's ITB tracks!

Due to a variety of reasons, I’m almost gearless at the moment.

A few days ago I felt like making music so I downloaded a bunch of free VST instruments and effects to use with my copy of Reaper.

The first track I made with those wasn’t that great, but I think this is a bit better.

Feel free to comment. Technical advice is especially welcome, as now I can actually do something about it with all the funky computer tools available.

New version online! Made some mixing and home mastering improvements, now it sounds a lot beefier and generally better.

Trying to improve the mix and the arrangement a bit here!

I think I’m done with the previous track.Not perfect, but good enough for an ITB n00b like me.

Here’s a new project I started:

Some sort of a pop techno track with cheesy breakbeats.

Aaand I started another track! Some kind of a bit cheesy techno/trance hybrid.

Latest version of the pop techno track. Strange hiccups here and there, for which I know no logical cause.

Latest one:

good to see you’re staying productive! Latest one is my fave.

Yeah, I’ve been all ITB for 3 weeks now! Still trying to learn the tools their maximum potential, so these are basically just practice tracks. Better stuff will follow I’m sure!

And here’s another one. This one ain’t quite ready yet though, but I like the way it sounds. Smooth and mellow!