Base-width filter

hey guys,

just curious on something… I have elektron boxes for years now and recently bought a digitone, really love the sound of that thing but what really catched my eye is the base-width filter per voice!!!
you guys think they could implement this easily in the analog rytm?? this would be great for people like me that use the main outputs for cutting low frequencies.

would be great, no?? :stuck_out_tongue:

possible or not??

thanks in advance


I agree it would be super useful on the Rytm, but seeing as how the Rytm has analog filters with lots of existing functionality, I think it’s very unlikely. They’d have to add a digital filter to the analog Rytm.

I’d love to be wrong but I wouldn’t count on it.

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As the rytm has a 100% analog signal path, such luxuries can only be dreamed about. Making those kindsa filters inside a digital machine is trivial, they are not even very DSP/CPU intensive algos…

I have a Midas 48XL ADAT frontend for my audiointerface which has sweepable analog HPF/LPFs on every channel. Would be handy to have a 1RU rack hardware which only did that filtering and nothing else :diddly:

Oooh ok, so it’s too good to be true… would’ve been great but understand now why it already isn’t done :wink:
Thanks for the info guys


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