Basic Logic + Digitakt Setup

Could someone please direct me where I could learn to basic multitrack the Digitakt into Logic Pro X so that I can record into Logic? Ive been looking for solutions and playing around with the settings and nothing seems to work

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here you go

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Create a Digitakt MIDI inst: 10 x stereo
click the + to add all the tracks in mixer view.
route each of these dt channels to there own bus 1-10 etc
create audio tracks with the input - the buses you just made 1-10 etc.
arm these tracks.
hit record and all tracks will be recorded se[erately - magic!!!

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Do Have to configure track 1-8 in the Digitakt settings or Midi A - H? Or just leave the default settings alone in the Digitakt?

Default is fine!


Go to Settings -> Audio Routing in the Digitakt;
Make channels 1-8 red by clicking them and make FLTR(delay) and AMP(Reverb) green.

This way only the effects wet mix gets sent to the main stereo via overbridge.

So when you click the plus sign on the Digitakt channel in Logic and all the mono channels spread out with your individual sounds on them, the main L+R remains as your effects send.

To record this configuration you’ll have to create 9 new audio channels (1 stereo and 8 mono), set the inputs to bus 1-9, and set the outputs of all the Digi channels to the same. Record arm 'em all and voila!!

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which + are you talking about to add to the mixer window?

Under the meter in mixer view:

If I could ask you what your mixer, and channel strip tracks look like?

I’m not with my computer at the moment sorry, I’ll post a screenshot tomorrow for ya!


There’s a pretty good thread already on this: Logic Pro X + Overbridge + Digi´s, I outlined my approach in that thread (with screenshots) (in this post)

Ok. Got the sound in. But what are Audio 9 and 10 for?

The final channel is the ext in monitoring channel iirc. The ones below that are the individual mono channels

Off the top of my head:

1-2 - Digitakt ‘master outs’ (which will just be the FX returns if you followed the tips in Gludluns post above, otherwise it will be the full output)
3-10 - Digitakt channels 1-8
11-12 - Digitally external inputs

You’ll also need to think about whether you want to use logic software monitoring or the DT main out (look in system settings and switch ‘internal to main’ on or off)

Gonna revive this helpful zombie thread to ask a question:

What’s your workflow for increasing volume into Logic? The Gain Utility doesn’t help me as it’s not the Master Stereo Out that needs boosting, I’d like more volume of the signal going into Logic during recording (so the wave form is larger/louder).

Seems like one option is using the Gain control under the Region tab (think spikysimon may have recommended this in another thread) ? But this is ad hoc, rather than boosting the incoming signal.

I have my audio set up as described above, so only FX going to Main L/R. Thus, the USB dB boost option in the DT doesn’t help this.

Should I just stick with the Gain control under Region once I’ve recorded audio, or is there another solution?

Cheers :sunglasses:

I stopped using Logic a couple of years back, but iirc you can put the Gain utility on individual channels, not just the master, to make things louder. If you just want the waveform bigger so you can more easily see what’s going on, you can zoom it

Yeah, it may certainly be user error (I’m no Logic wizard), but when I apply the Gain plugin it’s increasing the output to the master channel/stereo out, rather than the input gain to the channel as it’s recorded. So, certainly helpful to increase volume once something is recorded, but doesn’t increase the volume of the track as it’s recorded. I’m not worried about headroom, still not anywhere near 0 dB.

I maxed out the volume of all the tracks/samples on the DT, if that doesn’t get me close enough I’ll use a combination of Gain increase per Region and the Gain plugin per track, as well as the zoom feature, to get where I need to be.

Thanks for the reply!

Set the Gain in the track’s Region inspector:

Set this after you have recorded, and it will apply the gain to the selected Region.

Edit: Select multiple tracks before you set it, and it will update all of them.