Bass Station II Sci-Fi Drums sample pack

Hi all,

Sometime last year I challenged myself to record a wide variety of sounds using nothing but my favorite monosynth: the Novation Bass Station II. Armed with that and my trusty Digitakt, I spent the day creating custom patches and sampling them to create a selection of sounds I could use in my own music.

Rather than hoard these samples all to myself, I’ve decided to put them on Bandcamp where anyone can enjoy them. The download is available on a pay-what-you-want basis, so grab it for free or leave me a couple bucks if you can :slight_smile:

There are 127 samples total in the pack, making it a great fit to load into your Digitakt or RYTM sample pool. All samples are available in 16-bit, 48kHz audio. There was no post-processing or other artificial augmentation performed on the samples, so you’re getting them just as god intended!

Check it out here: Bass Station II Sci-Fi Drums | Particles Into Waves


These are awesome! I will download later for sure. Tasty treats for my DT or OT.

Some of the hats sound pretty FM-y and metallic. How did you design them?

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Thanks for checking it out!

The BS2 can get into FM-ey sounds using the ring mod. I also did some patches with the LFO speed at max, modulating oscillator pitch

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