Bastl Bob & Bobek

They both look like decent starter modulars for the money, especially those looking to use a modular primarily for processing audio.

I wonder how feasible it would be to transfer all the modules plus the power supply to a bigger case once one is ready for that.

I’m thinking for example of a 4ms DLD, which takes 20HP, which is more required expansion space than either system can accommodate within the default case.

Should be easy enough as all their modules are sold separately. I’m very intrigued by these, expecially the analog down sampling effect. If I ever make the jump into modular one of these would be a fine starting point!

I’ve been gathering some good ideas after making some inquiries. Instead of getting Bob or Bobek, I’ll get these:

  • Tip Top Happy Ending Kit (84 HP) and cheap case, or Synkroteck powered case.
  • Bastl modules (pretty much the same selection as in Bobek)
  • 4ms DLD (Gary Hall designed delay)
  • Roland Aira Scooper (works with IOS app for customization)