Bastl midi looper


Update on the Bastl midi loopere


YES!!! This looks FANTASTIC!
Been waiting for something like this


Yeeaaahhh super interested. I will be watching this one. Waiting on in-the-wild reporting.

I see there is already a review:

I can’t find any info on exporting the MIDI tracks to external sequencer in the manual. Hopefully something better than just playing the MIDI tracks and having the external sequencer record the MIDI in real time.


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Looks really nice! Price isn’t to shabby either! Looking forward to see some user reports!

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This is basically P-Locks for everything with a MIDI out port? I don’t think I quite get it

I’ve had one of these for two days now testing the new firmware, it is an incredible device. Does anyone else have one? This is a must-own for anyone with synths in my opinion, there are far more features than you would guess at first glance. Amazing performance features and everything you own gets motion-record for all knobs that transmit.


Thanks for the feedback.

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No prob, the most recent update added full USB MIDI and it works really well. Everything gets looped, knob twists, notes, aftertouch, etc, and it is all per-voice! There are three voices, they can all be set to different stretch lengths, quantization, and step lengths. It is very fast and intuitive to use, and the pedal inputs make it so handy… the killer feature in my opinion though is the retrigger! I need to make a video with a performance to show these features off. I’m surprised that the Midilooper doesn’t have way more buzz around it, I think every studio could benefit from having one of these.


curious - i have been on the hunt for such device for years. and then settled with future-artist’s midi looper - wonder how they compare…
are the channels/voices fully time independent (if desired)?
what’s the (time)resolution of this?


Yes absolutely, as of update 1.1.0 RC. I’ve uploaded the 1.1.0 manual, just keep in mind that this is a draft and not “publicly available” yet, although I just had to request it from Bastl and they sent it over for testing. Haven’t found any bugs yet.

I’ve never used the future-artist looper, but after looking that one over, the Bastl is much more powerful in a number of ways. Don’t miss the info about retriggering and pedal inputs from the Bastl.

Here is the video demonstrating some of the new features in 1.1.0

manualV_1_1_draft.pdf (1.9 MB)


thank you!
ya i bet this is much more powerful - I ended up shelving mine as the initial firmware was a bit too basic and my MIDI love hate relationship entered yet another hate period at the time

edit: ohhhh, metronome headphone out is a simple and huge feature for me… nice one Bastl!

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I want to like it, on the basis of what it can do … but I think that UI (the two 7-segment displays) would drive me nuts.

I was also concerned about that too (especially after watching the manual videos and puzzling over what was actually happening), but in my (so far limited) practice it is a non-issue, the UI is really slick and the display is only used for certain information, the lights throughout the panel also display information based on which setting/mode is selected and I found it a little bit daunting reading through the manual… but now I’m ripping around on this thing like I’ve had it for a year!

I’m usually pretty pumped on new gear I get, but… this thing is genuinely a triumph of design and usability! I really want others to try it out, I think in a setup with something like a Digitakt, Digitone, Octa, etc type of MIDI brain, this is so complimentary!

Are you able to do really long sequences. I like looping really long ambient pieces sometimes a few minutes and then trim around that.

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I’m thinking of ordering this. I already have the midi looper from Future Artist but the strange thing about it is that it will start recording when you start playing (or the next clock signal when slaved to external clock). I would like to use external clock and that the looper starts recording at the beginning of the next bar when I tell it to start recording (like a normal audio looper). Do any of you know if Bastl midi looper does this? Would be strange if it didn’t but I couldn’t find out for sure

I can’t access pattern group A1 - C2. The buttons “Length” and “Quantize” just won’t light up when changing pattern group.

Anyone having the same problem?

This was an impulse buy of the worst sort: I just learned of it and was looking for articles/reviews when I saw one go on sale on Reverb. Jumped on it without thinking twice and immediately regretted it.

It came in last night and I had about an hour before bed to get the basics down.


I hooked it up to a Virus Indigo and made a quick multi. Instant Berlin in a box.

I hung onto an MPC1000 and a Command Station to do this sort of thing on the Virus. It sounds great but it’s clunky and a bit time consuming to set up.

My MachineDrum is my current box to do this but having to step program isn’t always the sequencing style of choice for me.

The Midi Looper does everything I want in multi-channel looping but with a teensy box the size/weight of a couple decks of playing cards.

I’m spending tonight trying to get this setup to follow the MachineDrum clock and then incorporating beats.

Fun times!