Bastl softPop

Pretty cool


I like the slider interface - could be a lot of fun to play with.

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I love it!

looks like fun, although I’m more curious about their Thyme fx processor… @Dataline did you have any chance of playing with it on NAMM?

yeap, I had a go at it during Superbooth! I really dig the Thyme too!


That thing is pretty mad.
Reminds me of the Wogglebug, a lot random crazy madness to be had :loopy:

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this is a future classic. pre ordered

Anybody get their hands on one of these?

hasn’t shipped yet. i got one on preorder

Anyone end up getting a Softpop? Not many demos out there.

Got mine today, very cool, certainly unpredictable and wild, goes very well with my other mini beasts with patch headers, only had about an hour with it but that was enough to let me know that I’ll keep hold of it, I don’t expect to be able to predict it’s output yet though, that is not its thing apparently :rofl:

Edit - Having played some more it is pretty straightforward, the sequencing was a bit of a mystery as it did not seem to be recording properly but it just takes getting used to and setting the speed quite low.


I did a basic barberpole test, I like to try this with most resonant filter synths that I get, softpop passed with flying colours :wink:


how did u go about doing this ?

Basically (this goes for any suitable synth) you want to be heavily modulating the cutoff on a resonant filter set with medium cutoff and high resonance with 2 closely timed but not identical cyclic modulations.

On the softpop these are the settings, no patch cords needed.

You might need to finely adjust the filter controls, no modulation on VCO 0, modulation for VCO 1 is crucial to get right for the barberpole effect to sound right, once you get it just right it goes into that lovely trippy goodness :rofl:

Experiment also with VCO 1 pitch slightly - and also VCO 0 fine tune, you can change the speed and apparent direction of the undulations, good brainwashing fun!


thank you for the response. gotta go try it out now :sunglasses:

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Have fun! If you can’t get it quite right hit me up :call_me_hand:

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I just got my Softpop and it’s freaking awesome. This box has so much life in it. Feels like a little robot animal to me. :slight_smile:
In this video i’m using it as an effect processor to filter and mangle the Volca Beats.


Here’s some acid made with the Softpop and a few Volcas…


PCA has it on discount at the moment. Feeling tempted…

If you’re into noisey psychedelic sounding things it’s great. If you like the sound of the demos you’ll love it. The filter is very sensitive and you probably have to like it’s flavor to like it as a whole.