Batch silence remover for osx? (free)

I’m using Twisted Wave and wanted to remove silence at the beginning of all the files that I load in the OT.
But it trims anything below -24dB, that’s the finest setting avalaible.

Any recommendation ?

forgot to say that I’m looking for a free alternative.

‘strip silence’ in logic pro - free 90 day demo ?


that’s an idea

brew has sox which is free, and sox can remove silence (even in batches):

silence [-l] above-period [duration threshold[d|%] [below-period duration threshold[d|%]]

-l indicates that below-period duration length of audio should be left intact at the beginning of each period of silence. For example it can remove long pauses between words but not remove the pauses completely.

threshold numbers may be suffixed with d to indicate the value is in decibels, or % to indicate a percentage of maximum value of the sample value (0% specifies pure digital silence).

example: start a recording that does not contain the delay at the start which usually occurs between `pressing the record button` and the start of the performance:

          rec parameters filename.wav [other-effects] silence 1 5 2%

Square brackets indicate optional arguments, as always in docs like these.


Thanks. I actually had a helpful reply from twisted wave.