Be the First

Why wait for hundreds of other people to make tracks from new equipment. Get in first and buy new year then sell it after a year. Seems whenever new gear comes we get a year of reviews and uploads of patches and demos. Good or Bad roadmap?

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They are, you just got to be quicker. If you wait a year you’ve missed the boat. :slight_smile:

Do you mean for YouTube channel or something like that?

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I’m always the first person not to make a tune with new gear.


Yes thats what got me thinking. It seems all the top reviewers and patchers get in REALLY quick. The first wins the race.


does not fit my production cycle.
my production cycle: making a draft — leaving it alone for a month or two or half a year — revisiting, fixing & finishing.


don’t they mostly get sent the stuff for review ahead of time then embargo lift and voila?

something done tastefully and well usually makes it’s way to the surface, no matter when it was dated. and then there’s people doing stuff on gear from 20 years ago that’s getting a look now

maybe keep it wrapped and do an unboxing in 20 years time lol


In many cases, yes.

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The first also get the lemons, the unfinished software, all the bugs and on top a stomach ulcer from all the anger… :wink:


I think in Electronic music this is more rare. I remember when the Fairlight came out and it was all the rage. After 2 years nobody was interested

Got to take those punches.

I get that there’s a whole system revolving around new gear, but there are also musicians that know their instrument inside out, know how to play them and do beautiful things with them. :slight_smile:

Getting to know the stuff you have, learning how to play it, thriving to get better and taking the time can be beautiful and I wish we would focus more on that side.


Okay, cool. I would say that you would need to build a channel up first by doing reviews of older gear, tips & tricks, etc etc. Once established, you’d be in a better position to ask companies to send you gear before release, sign a non-disclosure agreement, then release your new gear videos along with everyone else on day one. Good luck with it!

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Im not going to try. I was just saying that the Roadmap of being the first is incredibly popular in Electronic Music. And if you wait you have missed the rush. Just thinking how many other people think this is true.

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It took me years to really master the OT, and same could be said for the A4.
I still have to master the making of videos good enough for my taste.
And find the time.

One day…


Thats the honest flip side. But it lacks the uniqueness. Beautiful and better yes/maybe. But nothing new.

It’s not like you couldn’t do new things with older gear…living in the synth remakes and clones age…


My two year old groovebox is outdated, gotta get those 40 years old Buchla modules from TipTop Audio as soon as they are released!


Be the 1st might be important for the marketing aspect and people that make money with YT and reviewers, how is it relevant for making music?

Outside of the gear nerds and YT universe, who cares what gear anyone used?


Online reviewers are so fast because companies give them new gear in preview. Their work is promotional. You first look the gear on youtube and later you find it in the shop.

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To be honest, it is not unique to electronic music gear. It is common for all the gear-oriented niches. The influencer model and push for new products really sinked in the mentality of everyone. When I was deep into hi-fi, it was the same power run to show off and try new gear going out. It get old really quickly if you do not try to make a living from that in a way or the other, GAS fatigue, news fatigue and passion fatigue. There is trends inside those trends also : big company products vs boutique, vintage vs neo-vintage vs futuristic ; but mostly it is about the technology advances in your niches and not the subject of your passion/interest (or your passion is not the subject but the technology). Consumer markets and marketing are never been so easy due to around everything (gear, youtuber, brands), the goal is to create a community and feed this community and make it grow.

Honestly whatever your take on this is, it is fine. You do you, everyone do themselves mostly at the end.