Beat programming techniques

I like programming beats on my Octatrack, but contrary to a lot of people around here I’m not very good at it. Do anyone have tips/techniques or suggested reading, links etc they feel like sharing? Not necessarily Octratrack related, just general principles for how to make a nice groove going. Sometimes I try to do slow trip-hop-ish patterns, sometimes I want something more aggressive and energetic, but neither tend to turn out quite right.

I know that delaying the snare on 5 and 13 makes for a more laidback feel and I also usually move some of the hats a bit around for a human touch, but that is about it.

I’m not that great at drums, but here’s two tips I learnt from somebody who is:

Try slowing the tempo right down while you program drums - it’ll make it a whole lot easier to get a nice groove with the drums. Then speed it up.

When it comes to that laid back feel, swing settings are your friend. Personally I haven’t tried it with the OT but I quite like this on the AR.

These were excellent. I had tons of fun making a DnB loop yesterday. Thanks!

In the “raw DnB” tutorial I was told to compress the ride with a sidechain from kick/snare, which I faked with an LFO. It made the ride sit much nicer in the mix. Definitively something I’ll try to do on other beats as well.

I lived together with a friend for a while who was a incredebly good in making Drum-sequences. I asked him how he did that. He told me he was a drummer and that he did thesame in his Daw.
He told me that drummers rarely hit to things at the same time .

Simple velocity variations can really be your friend.

A simple, clear structure plus some funky elements. In my opinion, those subtle elements make the difference (toms, percs, maybe just a saturated hp-filtered delay on the kick).

GOOD POINT ! Drums are my weakest point . The problem is that I tend to make to much variations and loose the groove that way. I find it difficult to make something simple and clear but interesting. It happens to me alot that I make somthing that I think sounds good - only to discover the day after that the drums suck. I don’t know why but I have this problem far less with melody or chords. Maybe I wanna do to much ??? …