Beat Repeat device?

Thanks for the insight!

The easiest option would be to do it all in the Rytm, I thought it had a beat repeat/retrig function on it already. Repeats are also possible on the digitakt.

Yes, but with limitations. I can beat repeat the hell of one single drum kick, but if I want longer repeat of complex beats, also including melodic content from other synth, it’s not that straightforward. But yes you are right, maybe I can figure out something with things I already own… :thinking:

Hi! Thanks for all the suggestions, especially you, mharpum, I bought the Prism (and as this is my entry to modular, some other modules), and I am very happy with it! Exactly what I needed.

FFS this site is going to ruin me financially.


Wait I thought this was the very purpose of this site.

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Seemingly so. Needs to come with a health warning.

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Oh dear, kiss all your money goodbye!

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My take is that this will destroy us all in the end, but saves our soul.

My Kaoss pad mini 2s does a good job at this, especially with the touch pad thing, but you have to self adjust the bpm.
Great on the OT cue outs, and you can also ‘hold’ so works as a basic and fun looper

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