Beat Repeat device?


I am looking for a beat repeat device.

  • Ideally, a crossfader would switch between dry signal and repeated signal.
  • Beat repeats are synced to MIDI clock
  • A knob would change the repeat time.
  • Ideally, the dry signal would go through full analog path, with no AD/DA conversion involved.
  • Also, ideally it has decent sounding filter for sweeping.

Does something like this exist? I know this is easily achievable with the Octatrack (except the analog part). But using (buying) an OT just for this would be an overkill.

This is also easily achievable with Ableton (again, except the analog part). Though I don’t want to use a general purpose computer if I don’t have to, so I am looking for a dedicated little device.

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Beat repeat is an inherently digital effect. I doubt you’d be able to avoid a conversion to the digital domain.

Yeah I know, for the effect itself. That’s why I was referring it to the dry signal. So when the effect is effectively in off state, just bypassing.

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I think one of the KaosPad can achieve that effect. And to some extent the Red Panda Particle effect pedal.




MC-707 would fit the bill I think. Maybe zoia as well? And OT obvs

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You could achieve your analog Dry/wet with a portable CrossFader (they’re like 2 channel passive mixers with a crossfader) but it’s gonna be a mess of cable.

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Korg KP3 (dont get the 3+ it has lower headroom)
Maybe the SP404?
Pioneer RMX 1000

I have to agree, it’s easily achievable with the Octatrack.
I dont agree that it’s over kill.
I pretty much use the Octatrack as an FX box.
SO much more than just beat repeat tricks when building scenes and using neighbor tracks.

I know it’s not really an effect to process stuff, but the Tempest has that roll feature, it does beat repeats really well, plus the global filter tweaking.

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Pioneer rmx 500 also does this


Wow many good hints, thanks!

Octatrack <- I mean by overkill that it is a lot of money. Also, I sold mine half a year ago (to be able to buy a Rytm), sometimes I miss it, but it would be a bit insane to buy it again, also I would have to swallow the loss of money on this sell&buy… Although I know that there are folks here who sold theirs two times and bought it again third…

I am also looking at Boss RC-202 as an option. Although some people on the internet write that it has shitty sound quality.

would the SP-404 accomplish this?

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Boss DD-3 in Hold Mode is the cheapest route, but it doesn’t sync to midi

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If you want to go euro then the Qu-Bit Prism will do the job nicely. I use mine for this a fair bit. Also has delay, bit crusher, and a nice sounding filter. You could rig up a crossfader to control wet/dry.

2hp Freez does just this but doesn’t sync to a clock. Still sounds ace and for tight glitchy stuff it’s ace. Also has sample rate/bit reduction.

This option would obviously be the most expensive way of doing something quite simple.

Possible 1010 bitbox or black box. Forget about analog path.

Simple answer…DB Glitch.

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One more note on the rmx 500. You also get a native plugin you can use in your daw which you can control with the hardware. Cool for the studio imo. Reason why it is on my to-get list

Uhmm… Prism seems veery interesting. I’ve never had a modular, but for some time I felt (or dreaded) that the time will come. I know that I will also have to buy a power source and rack for this to work. And possibly more modules to fill in gap. Then a bigger rack. I am doomed. But I cannot do anything about it. This is fate calling.

Anyways, noob question: I’ve heard that modular signals are hotter than line level signals. Can I reasonably expect the following audio signal path to work?

Analog Rytm output -> Prism -> Main mixer

One more question about the Prism… I am looking at the manual, but not obvious. If in Clocked Delay mode… It is written in the manual, that the buffer playback restarts on time division. But is the buffer start itself arranged to clock when Freezing? What I am looking for is a specific effect, when set to short clock division, the downbeat’s kick is effectively re-triggered very fast. As is prevalent in (psy)trance music, it’s hard to express but I hope you understand :slight_smile:

Thank You!

Oh dang that Ottobit is pretty rad, buttery sounds!

The beat repeat fx on the 404 isn’t midi syncable. But i’ve spent hours stuttering beats with it. It’s an addiction. :slight_smile:

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To be fair you would need a fair few more modules to achieve what you want. An input to boost the signal and an output to bring it back, or a standard mixer will do. Modulation source, preferably a sequencer to get specific time divisions. You could get a MIDI to CV module and use Analog Rytm if it has MIDI sequencing.
The buffer playback will start when a trigger or gate is sent to it. Depending on the mode you can trigger it on and off with separate triggers or hold the repeat with a gate.

The easiest option would be to do it all in the Rytm, I thought it had a beat repeat/retrig function on it already. Repeats are also possible on the digitakt.

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