Beatstep and Octatrack Questions

I’m looking at picking up a Beatstep (not the pro) to use with my OT and want to see if I’m thinking about this correctly.

For my live sets, I set up plays free tracks and want to be able to trigger them from the Beatstep pads while playing slices via the OT buttons on other tracks. I’m assuming that is possible since the pads can be set to trigger MIDI notes and CCs (which is something I had set up on my Remote SL keyboard). I then want to assign the endless encoders to various settings on the OT. My concern is how the Beatstep sends data since it’s an endless encoder. Does it just pick-up wherever the settings are on the OT, or if I had it turned to 30 for the pattern prior will it still be set to 30 when I move to the next pattern? Does that make sense?

If I remember correctly, once I assign the channels on the OT and on the BS, they’ll be the same values and channels across all patterns/parts, correct?

I feel like this will make it a lot easier to perform live with the OT and have easier access to various controls all at once. I don’t really need the sequencer aspect of the BS, hence going with the basic version.

i think the latter is what happens. i actually never checked as i’ve never had the need for that so maybe it could be is there but…the Beatstep only has MIDI out…you would need to send the data back from the OT over USB?
you probably have looked at the software they’ve for setting up the controller already
as per the livesets, the Beatstep i’ve got doesn’t have really precise encoders…they tend to miss/jump values, which is something you probablhy don’t want in a live situation. good for triggering events and sequencing but i rarely use the encoders (which is something i thought i would have done more…)

I’ve looked through the manual for the BS. I’m apt to agree with your idea of the encoders staying at a value. Sucks to hear the encoders are kinda crummy. Guess I just need to make my own controller.

Rise, old thread, and walk! :wink:

I need to add this info regarding the Arturia Beatstep encoders skipping values, for all other controller seeking Octatrackers: value skipping may be by design, not due to crummy encoders. See page 23 of Beatstep manual:

5.3.3 Knob Acceleration
With this parameter you are able to try three different response curves for the encoders and see which one works best for you:
· Slow (Off): no acceleration; the encoders will transmit every allowable value. The result is that it takes more turns of the encoders to move from minimum to maximum. This is a necessary tradeoff when greater precision is desired.
· Medium: moderate acceleration; When turned quickly the encoders will skip a few values . The result is that it takes fewer turns of the encoders to move from minimum to maximum. *
· Fast: maximum acceleration; when turned quickly the encoders will skip more values. The result is that the parameter values can change from minimum to maximum in the least number of encoder turns (usually only one), but there could be less precision when the encoder is turned at a moderate speed.*


thanks for posting this info here @blazzr; still using the Beatstep for basic sequencing but will give this a try…might change things around a bit :smiley:

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