BeatStep edit or?

Hi guys! Is it possible to edit the ccs it sends directly from the unit (without the software)?
If not, is there other compact no kbd midi controller that does that and eventually has midi out port too?

you need to use the software to assign CCs to each of the encoders/pads on the BeatStep.
you would need a controller which either has MIDI learn or would allow to set parameters from the controller itself

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Yes. Is there something in the price range of beatstep?

Also… the beat step can store 16 midi set ups which can be accessible easily using the pads? Am I right?

not sure there’s something in the BeatStep current price range…which doesn’t seem to have come down in price too much either; maybe something like the Novation Launch Control or one of the Faderfox controllers? but wouldn’t be like the BeatStep; maybe the soonish(?) to be released Behringer BCR32, which should also include a sequencer but no pads, or any of the Akai APC ones…
there’re few options in there but can’t think of anything that is like the BeatStep


I don t care of the sequencer and pads, i just want a midi controller with at least 16 controllers and physical midi port not higher than 120€.

This is cool… but not the price… :frowning:

You’re gonna be hard pressed to find anything editable on the device for that price.
What are you looking to control? Doesn’t it matter what controls they are (encoders, pots, faders)?
The best step might not be a bad option cause that 16x16controllers in banks. 256. They also can be set to transmit on “actively selected midi channel”
So you can have 16x8 (128) on a single midi channel and then 16x8x15 (for the remaining midi channels) so that’s 1,920 more.

You could also build one for that price that’s editable if you are handy with a soldering iron and know a smidgen of coding. (A little more if you need physical midi ports and not just USB midi)

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The MIDI Fighter Twister is my current squeeze. 16 knobs with push functionality, four banks and an incredible amount of customisation. They’re not cheap though.

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They’re not badly priced, especially considering their RGB.
But jfc, why are the bank switches located where they are?
This device requires too much room for operation for its size.

To be honest I have yet to use the bank switches, I find having essentially 32 knobs at my fingertips sufficient for my needs!