BECRUX MIMOSA | Buromaschinen | New album out

New album out! “Becrux Mimosa” is a collection of 8 tracks recorded in 2008 with a
sort of sci-fi exploration/meditation vibe.

I used a very intricated setup, back then with the Monomachine driving several different machines: a Mopho, a DX9, a Virus TI, a MC-202 via Doepfer converter and a Microkorg. Machinedrum was in sync for all things percussive. I mixed all the tracks on a pretty standard/cheap analog mixer and recorded everything as a stereo track on a presonus firebox. I tried to use a REVOX B77 as an audio effect on Sphero Symphony and the result was kind of funny/weird with all kind of audio artifacts popping here and there