Been working on designing a synth for the past few months ,,, based on the atmega328 (arduino uno); here's a little demo i did w/ digitone for fx (+op1 for filtering) ~

been working on this for the past few months now , thought i’d post a little demo to show its progress :3

here i have one arduino uno & 4 shift registers (74HC595), 39 momentary switches and 24 LEDs , and 6 potentiometers for parameter input. sampling frequency is 32kHz ~

currently still in development; this is only the first prototype. -w-

(fx w digitone / filtered by op1)


I don’t know how you built this because I don’t know anything about building synths, but if it makes music, I like it!


Cool! Is all that spaghetti on breadboards?!

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Are you writng your own synth code or using a library?

Sounds pretty good. I got an arduino awhile ago but I seemed to turn in to Homer Simpson whenever I tried coding. Never got much pass a few buttons and a blinking led. Doh!


yep ! 2 full size breadboards for the interface, 1 smaller board for the shift registers & a fourth tiny one for the output filters.

all my own ! i am planning to open source soon, for anyone who wants to use it as a learning tool. oscillators are based on 16 bit phase accumulators, internally mixed and output using phase correct PWM. this DDS tutorial from analog devices describes the method of sound generation in very good detail -w-

Brave :wink:

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Impressive! Curious to hear the final outcome.

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thanks ! there’s still a lot more to be done. not sure how it’s going to sound when finished… this is only 3 simple decay envelopes & 6 stereo squares. planning:

• full ADSRs with linear/exponential mix control
• algorithmic oscillators (square, saw, triangle & others ~), with controllable pulse width & pulse regions
• stereo detune & timbral offsets (subtle stereo differences in oscillator parameters)
• assignable LFO & mod envelope (per track)
• bit & sample rate reduction effects
• second 328p as a digital delay / fx processor
• external EEPROM for pattern & sound storage
• selectable key (root note) & scale; chromatic, diatonic, pentatonic, and others •w•
• 7 segment display (or lcd if i can accommodate one)
• many more things (still brain storming !)

wanted to build the substrate first; this engine is really just a proof of concept of the design. glad you like it tho! excited to share more as it moves along ~

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