Behold the Power of the Analog Rytm

I received my Analog Rytm in May and ever since then I’ve been hard pressed to leave her alone. In my opinion she is the greatest drum machine on the market right now, and once you tame her, her powers are vast.

At first I thought the Rytm was limited in scope, but that didn’t deter me from experimenting and playing along for the past several months. I found along my journey that the Rytm offers more possibilities than what appears on the surface. I keep finding new ways to create sounds, performances, and to unleash the potential of the beast.

What really intrigues me is the bass of the Rytm. The Rytm has effectively replaced my Moog Minitaur as my bass machine. The bass of the Rytm is relentless and unforgiving, as you will discover in the following preview of a track I’m working on using solely the Analog Rytm.

I mainly use the analog synthesis machines in the Rytm, I only apply samples when I’m working specifically on a live set. I love the analog synthesis of this machine, it is modern and powerful. I suspect it will be years to come until the Rytm becomes a staple in shaping the direction of electronic music.

So for those who doubt the power of this machine, behold the bass of the Rytm:
(plays best with a sub, lots of low/sub frequencies going on)

My chest says Minitaur for bass, even though AR is nice and all, different character i guess …

“Feel THE bass”: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nice track preview by the way :+1:

just a fraction too excited there.

yeah its nice,

but plenty of gear gets into that range

and a few lower and bigger.

Very nice sound. Nice job :+1:

have you tried using single cycle waveforms…

Good song Dtroy.
I’m going to explore more the bass possibilities of the Rytm.

Thanks guys. Yea I have a lot of excitement over the Analog Rytm, I absolutely adore the machine.

I’m going to start experimenting with single cycle waveforms and using more samples on the Rytm to create cohesiveness in my tracks.

There’s other gear out there that can reach the range of the Rytm for sure, I just like the full feature set of the rhythm machine, a lot of possibilities in what at first seemed like a limited piece of hardware.

I still love the Minitaur, it has that silky smooth Moog bass, probably from the filter character. But right now the Rytm has taken over bass duty.

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