Behringer TD-3 transpose questions

I just got a new TD-3, and am really enjoying it so far. Except for one thing. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, or if this is a firmware bug. For all I know this feature doesn’t even exist.

I’d like to be able to write a pattern, and copy/paste it to several pattern slots. I’d then like to transpose some of the patterns, so that I can chain them together in track write mode (for example, a 12 bar blues pattern). But when ever I transpose a pattern, the transposition is not saved if I switch to another pattern and back. So after transposing each pattern slot, they default back to the original sequence.

I’ve found posts mentioning firmware bugs related to the transpose feature. One issue is that getting transpose to work in the first place is a pain (at least when clock is slaved to a RD-6). But eventually, after switching between modes enough times, I’m able to use the transpose feature. But I can only get it to work in pattern play mode. Switching to pattern write mode at this point allows me to continue transposing. But it doesn’t actually save my transpositions. The notes I’ve found about this bug mention that it occurs when clock is slaved to MIDI, so it could also occur with analog clock sync (what I’m using).

I haven’t tried updating the firmware yet, because I need to access a windows/mac pc. But based on the production date and last firmware update, I suspect it’s already running the latest version. I read one blog post about someone selling their TD-3 due to this particular bug that hasn’t been fixed in over a year.

Has anyone else noticed this behavior? Was this feature available on the original 303? After a few hours of playing, I feel like I gave myself carpel tunnel trying to hold the pitch button and transpose live with one hand.

You can update via iOS ( and possibly android ) app too , using camera connection kit

And I’m not sure you can transpose and save the pattern , but you might be able to use the iOS app to transpose them on that and save into another slot.

The 303 sequencer is very basic, features that we are used to are not present … it’s not always a ‘bug’

I updated the firmware on my work computer, and it seems to have resolved the bug that made it difficult to enter transpose mode to begin with. Now I’m able to begin transposing while either in pattern play or transpose mode.

But transpositions still don’t save after switching between patterns. So now it’s just a matter of determining whether this feature even exists. If others could confirm that this is not supported, then I’ll just give up on trying, and resort to using the PC program to transpose a sequence, after initially composing it on the internal sequencer. Due to the idiosyncrasies of this sequencer’s UI, and lack of documentation, I can’t shake the feeling that I’m just doing something wrong.

Same issue for me

Is it a bug ?

It’s not possible.
Not a bug

not possible to record a pattern that has been transposed right ?