Behringer-TD3 into digitakt/digitone?

I have a digitakt and a digitone. I have been troubleshooting various cable routing and midi/port settings on the digitakt and digitone in order to find a way to be able to mute the TD3 from the digitakt with the same method i currently use to mute tracks from the digitone on the digitakt.

I have the td3 set to channel 16 via behringer’s “synth tool” program. I activate channel 16 on the digitakt on channel Midi H with no avail. The Digitakt port settings have midi H set to channel 16 as well. Midi cables are syncing both devices - tempo is translating but no form of midi channel control.

I could go on, though perhaps this would be a good place for someone to chyme in. I would greatly appreciate it.

Also would it be possible to play the TD3 on either of the digitakt/digitone keyboards?


What is the current MIDI flow? Is the TD3 connected to the OUT of the DT? Does your MIDI flow go DT OUT to DN IN then TD3? If so, is the TD3 on the THRU port of the DN?

Please provide the full MIDI setup so we can better assist :slight_smile:

What method are you using between DT and DN?

What audio connections have you made between the three instruments?

In order to send notes to the TD-3 the sequencer sync on the TD-3 needs to be set to internal not midi.

If midi is set to sync the internal sequencer starts up if you’re sending it clock etc.

I don’t think the TD-3 accepts mute state messages.

I record the midi from the TD-3 into the Digi, then I can play them back from the Digi and mute them from there.

Hope that helps


So these are the settings on the td3 I have setup in Behringer’s synth tool.

All audio outs are going into a mixer.

Midi chain is as follows:

Digitakt Midi out Sync A > Digitone Midi IN > Digitone Midi thru Sync B > TD3 Midi In

So far I’ve sampled td3 patterns into the digitakt by switching audio cables from the td3 into the digitakt though I’m sure theres a better way.

Hi there,

I’m having the same issue. I was working normally syncing my digitakt with the td3. Everything was working fine but suddenly the td-3 is not receiving any midi messages from the digitakt and is not syncing anymore… I checked the digitakt midi settings and apparently everything seems to be ok. When I change the td-3 to midi mode the channel red bulb stops blinking so i can just use it in INT mode to be able to write and and play patterns. I don’t really now what is going on I was having so much fun. Perhaps the midi port got damaged or something :confused: any idea??? thanks in advance!

did you try sequencing from DT.
is the channel muted .
did you unplug the midi lead, and plug it back in.
did you install latest firmware
did you try trigging it via usb from computer.
did you change project/pattern that doesnt have midi channel enabled.
is midi note send enabled on dt.
have you cycled through the midi channels on DT
did you turn the volume down on the td3 ?
and most likely … did you get it working a few minutes after posting here?

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Yes I tried to sequencing from DT but since is not sending messages I couldn’t
The Midi channel im currently using for that is not muted
Yes, I tried to unplug the midi lead and plug it back in but is not responding.
Both of them have the latest firmware updated.
When im assigning an ableton instrument to any other midi channel is working normally
In the project I’m working the Midi is supposed to be enabled but for example I tried to work in a different project but is only sending messages in one i was working a long time ago so is very weird.
How I can check if midi note send is enabled on the DT?
Yes I have cycled, everything was working normally but suddenly it stopped :frowning:
I haven’t turned the volume on the td3
Nope still not working.

Turn it off
Run away.
Make bleep bloop noises with you mouth.
Stop when you get to water.


Non DT owner here but is the external midi on the DT the same as the DN in that you have to ‘turn on’ the external midi track you want to use and define its midi channel? I’ve been had with that after a long while away from the DN

Yes the external midi is on but what I don’t understand and is not making sense is why is being synced in only one project and is not working in any other proyect. I was having so much fun acid jamming with the machines running together.

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That’s why I thought of the track being enabled in one project but not the next one. If the TD can be sequenced by another device (I think you said you’d tried that and it worked) then the issue must be with the DN if you’ve proved the obvious such as swapping midi cables etc. I can’t see a scenario where the TD will work with one device but not another? Can you back up your DT and do a factory reset or similar?

Non ableton user too so bear with me… does ableton have a midi filter page? Where you can see midi events in real time? If so have you tried to plug the DT into ableton and view the midi data coming out of the DT? That would at least prove if the DT is actually sending data and what that data is. I use Renoise when I’m using a DAW and that has a midi filter page which can be really handy for that sort of stuff. It’s in the demo version as well as far as I know?

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The thing is that I’m currently working just with the DT and the TD-3 so I don’t have any other synth or drum machine to swap the midi cable and give it a try. In Friday I installed the OS update again to see if that was going to help but it didn’t resolve the issue. I would try to do a factory reset and hopefully should resolve the issue.

In Ableton you can see if there is any midi messages being received and everything is syncing without any issue so is definitely sending and receiving midi messages. The problem is just when im using the midi out to play together with the td but yeah let’s see… I’m gonna try again when I’m back at home. Thank you so much for your advise, appreciate it :wink:

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Yeah it’s a strange one. If I understand you correctly you can open an old project and the TD will sync okay but when you open the more recent project you lose sync/midi communication? If that’s the case it sounds like the hardware (TD, DT midi port and your midi cables) is all working okay, it’s something in the DT. Is that a correct reading of the situation?

That’s right, and it’s even more strange because I was working on the most recent project that i have and suddenly I lose all the sync and midi communication. I tried with all the projects I have saved and somehow is just syncing with one. I really don’t get what is happening.

I tried to have the TD as the master and is syncing normally with the DT, and as I told you before I can sync the Digitakt with Ableton without any problem. Literally it started out of nothing on Friday and I can’t solve it. First time it happened something like that, normally is pretty easy to sync hardware through midi but this one has been a pain in the ass :woozy_face:

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Weird? Sounds obvious but have you been through all the settings in the working project and compared them to the more recent projects? Maybe a factory reset will do the trick? If so I can only imagine it’s a glitch in the DT.

Have you got transmit CC and or PC enabled on the DT in the current project? And is it enabled in the older working project? TD doesn’t support either afaik…I’m wondering if that is somehow causing an issue with the TD not getting sync/note data? Just a thought

Finally fixed it! After making a factory reset and checking all the midi port configuration the issue was solved. Thank you so much for your help, really appreciate it. Hope u have a great one :wink: Cheers!

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You’re welcome! I’m glad you got it sorted…nothing worse than one of those ‘less obvious’ faults!

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