Behringer UFX1604 mixer noob advice

I know this mixer is mentioned in other topics relating to mixer options etc but I’m looking for some specific info on it and hoping users can help out. I’ve never really used a mixer before, always had 16 channel interface and patchbay, so forgive if some of this is very basic stuff/stupid :wink: A few questions -

1* I want to have all my hardware connected and use the mixer as an interface and to be able to quickly route stuff to my OT inputs to sample. Need to be able to select any hardware and any daw track/s. This is doable/quick/easy right?

2* how do the preamps compare to something like my Focusrite Pro40?

3* has anyone used it both firewire and USB? Both solid? My pro40 is super stable on my windows 7 64bit daw and windows 10 daw laptop. Both firewire. How is the USB performance vs Firewire?

4* how’s the eq quality? I usually eq with plugins post-tracking. Would be cool to be able to do it hands on and in context of all hardware channels at once in some situations.

5* vibe. Thinking this would be too much to ask on a desk at this price with so many features, but any noticeable mojo/nice distortion when driven/summing benefits?

6* besides the OT for sampling I’d also like to have permanently connected send/insert options for my re201 space echo, my pedal board and possibly an rc505 if I grab one. Is that doable with the available connections or will I need to juggle cables per task?

7* loopback recording in daw. In the focusrite software you can make it possible in daw to select from inputs ‘loop’ to record ‘what you hear’. Useful sometimes.

8* prob asking too much but As well as the OT it would be cool to also be able to send stuff to my sp555, Op1, Sp404, Microsampler…for sampling. Without having to mess with cables. Guessing there aren’t enough connections for this and I’d need to use patchbay still to some extent?

9* overall reliability.

10* using alternative mic pre/s. Been using Gap pre73 for all vocals/guitar mic recently. And also occasionally sending stuff from daw out and back in. Also pretty nice as bass D.i. What would be the best way to integrate that into this mixer for flexible in/out options?

Thanks for any info.

The Sound On Sound review I linked in the other thread would be worth a read through … you likely won’t be able to do all the routing flexibility you have in mind, nor would I suggest that the package can offer the same quality as bespoke items, but for the money and flexibility it is surely unbeatable as an everyday thing for most jobs (swap to bespoke stuff when you need to) … I lingered too long on the 1204 waiting on the price dipping and it’s only risen, still would like one eventually - I would have jumped had I read the glowing SOS review… maybe point this thread to the people discussing owning the Mixer on the other threads for detailed feedback here