Behringer x32 Producer VS. A&H Qu-Pac 16 Chrome

I’m considering the Behringer X32 “Producer” or “Compact” as an alternative to the A&H Qu-Pac 16 Chrome (following the Nauts thread too). What are the pros and cons in your opinion?

Thanks a bunch!

About the purchase from one to other I would suggest much more better A&H. In my opinion.

For the cables no worries it’ll work.


I think the X32 needs the extra recording option, to actually do multitrack record, which makes it to the same price range as the Qu Pac.

In the Qu Pac, its already included.

If you can fund it, get the A&H , SQ-5. It comes with network audio, and 96 kHz sample rate. And additional FX Plugins.