Behringer xr 18 controlled by midi using analog keys/4

Hey all,

I’m interested in picking up a behringer xr 18 for use with my analog keys. I’m in a group that uses the ak, and has a bass, guitar, and vox. Have issues in particular often balancing guitar against the synths. Interested in being able to use the ak to control the xr 18 via midi to control it’s eq, sidechaining, etc, to balance the mix live as desired.

Just interested to see has anyone done something similar. Then is the quality of the behringers good? There seems to be general positivity about them online. From the look of it it seems the behringer has programmable Gates, compressors, eq and sidechaining. It’s primarily the eq and sidechain compression I’m interested in but naturally any decent live effects are as added bonus.

Thanks for the feedback on advance!

I don’t think that you can achieve what you want. According to the manual for the XR 18, it responds to MIDI Program Change messages (which the Analog Keys can send) to select scenes, and to MIDI Continuous Controller messages for control of levels, pan, and mutes. However, the Analog Keys sequencer does not send MIDI CC messages and, while its data knobs can send CC messages, the data knobs’ CC assignments are not going to be conveniently arranged for control of the XR 18.

You would have to use the Behringer apps for computer or tablet to get the degree of control that you want.

You can read about other forum members’ experience with the XR 18 by using the forum’s search function:

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Perhaps you could use a different midi controller such as the BCR/BCF or one of the newer offerings such as a Faderfox… Peter might be able to shed more light but could you use a controller such as one of the above to control both the Mixer and maybe some AK parameters on ‘spare’ faders/knobs?