Best Companion for Minilogue XD?

I have a minilogue xd and i need a good drum machine to make techno.
I plan to have 3 elektron, but in this moment I can’t buy them all now, I will start buying just one. What is your recommendation with Minilogue xd?

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Oh, and welcome!

  1. Octatrack- distinguished Song mode add a variety of different sounds(samples), Fx processing, sequencing, also you can sample your Minilogue up to 8 times- meaning you can have up to 36 different minilogue voices at once

  2. Digitone- great drum synthesis abilities and FM will expand your synthetic sonic palette

  3. Digitakt- Get the simplified sampling focusing on performing percussion. Much easier to record one shots from your mini. You lose fx processing and sing mode but still get the powerful sequencing and Elektron sampling abilities in a package that’s easier to wrap your head around

Honorable mention:

Machinedrum is awesome


Thanks. So octratrack works like drum machine? Elektron rytm doesn’t better to make techno?

A lot of people really like the Rytm. Personally, I do not- so I can’t recommend it(I didn’t find the synth parameters to be as vast as some of the other machines Elektron offered.

For actual techno, it’ll probably suit your needs.

The Octatrack can definitely work as a drum machine. It can (mostly) work however you want it to. For drum machine purposes, just load up your samples and plug away. You can even sample lock per step so you can group hi hats and snare on the same track. Once you lock in your pattern, then you can take your percussion to the moon and back.

Disclaimer- if you want a decent variety of kits that you can pull up and work with on a whim, then you’re going to want to get something like the Rytm/A4/Machinedrum as it has the traditional kit structure. If you want a wild and chaotic variety of sounds, you’re going to want the Digitone/Digitakt as every new pattern will be a fresh canvas to work with. There’s sorta a compromise with both on the Octatrack as each bank of 16 patterns you’ll only have four kits(“parts” is the official terminology) and while you have a more static kit structure you’re more able to dynamically alter the sounds coming out of the pattern live(though an argument can be made for the Rytm having more performance abilities- I’m going to just say it’s different, the OT just seems to have more room for variability- personally speaking)

Performance speaking- the Digis are quick performances macros(control all) that don’t require as much forethought as the other machines listed- easier to warp everything on a whim but you have less control over the madness you’re inflicting on your sounds. The other machines have legitimate macros, but it can be difficult to incorporate programming those in as part of your workflow)


Just buy the Digitakt dude.


Im really confused, i want a drum machine to make some dark techno with more distorcion. Basicly like a producer techno Abdulla Rashim (Anthony Linell).

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I have RYTM. I looooove RYTM. You can make any kind of techno or house with it. If you work with a DAW, I would recommend RYTM. If not, then I would recommend Octatrack. For drums I definately prefer my RYTM. The kick alone is worth it IMO.

What makes it hard to answer your question is the fact, that you can make techno on any elektron box.
Maybe tell us how you use to work. Do you prefer ready to go samples, or do you like to synthesize your own drums? Do you only want it for drums or melodic stuff as well? Do you have a preference for analog or digital sounds?
Do you want to spend much time with sound design or do you like it immediate? What is your budget?

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I understand your questions. What happens is that I have a lot of sounds made in minilogue xd, and I have a TR-08, but it’s limited to what I want, basically it was my first drum machine. I am considering getting a roland tr8s and an octatrack and adding this to my minilogue xd. What do you think about this combination?

what do you want exactly.

If it’s a drummachine with distortion you could add a distortion pedal to your TR08?
Or have a look at the Tr8s or Drumbrute Impact maybe? Digitakt only plays samples. Analog Rytm is more expensive.
How much do you want to spend?

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I have 1500€ to spend for next 3 years lol. I have too a ms-200 pedal. What do you recommend with 1500€? I want make some techno but some electronic experimental music too.

Used Rytm mk1 go for around 700€. You dont need more, trust me.


Do you have a computer, sound card and a DAW for recording?

Yes, i have a computer and a lite version of ableton. Im going to take a full version. But for now, im only work with instruments, without pc or DAW.

For next 3 years?
Food, drinks. :innocent:


One of the best things you can do to help yourself evolve as a musician is record your performances imho. This will allow you to listen to what you are doing so you can improve as a musician. You have pretty much everything you need to start. Honestly a digitakt will be a good choice for you. You can utilize it in so many ways, you can sample your drum machine, you sequence your synth and you can use it as a sound card to record your performance. It’s like a Swiss Army knife.

RYTHM MKII…i have a DT as well but the ARmkii kicks its ass, the dual osc for analogue bass. Sample a few hybrid digital bits and pieces into the rythm along with a few nice chords and stabs and you have an entire band. The DT is only 1/2 a ARmkii with the analogue engine…

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Yea there’s no doubt the RYTM kicks ass but the digitakt can definitely hold its own. We’re talking 16 tracks when you count the midi and I guarantee you @Nuno will want to sequence other gear with an Elektron eventually. The RYTM cannot sequence external gear. I can imagine a setup similar to this