Best Digitone Sound Packs?

What are the best/your favourite Digitone Soundpacks out there?

Either free or paid for…GO!

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I second this! Great for retro drum sounds :slight_smile:


I was a bit underwhelmed by this tbh. But then I’ve got a digitakt that just sounds better for drums imo.

Did you get the extra patches from Elektron when they released the Keys version? If not, go to, register your DN using the serial number and you can download the extra bank of sounds for free. They’re built to be much more expressive with the keys obv :slight_smile:


No I didn’t. I registered my DN but I didn’t see any extra sounds? Do you have a link?

Log in and go to the option Sound Packs under the small person icon drop down thingy:


I absolutely looooooove Haunted Hearts. Poignant, inspiring, great jumping off points for so many things, not just ambient stuff. Jogging House’s releases are also beautiful and well worth checking out. [and no, I’m not Jogging House haha!]


Nice one man. Tbf I did see that and just assumed it was a backup of the standard factory presets. :joy:


I’ve got the haunted hearts set. Really nice!

I’ve also got his presets for Peak. Also very cool.

Double jogging! :wink:

I’d recommend getting the selection of free sounds available for most of the packs… They’re quite different in flavour. I bought a few on the strength of that, including Haunted Hearts, which is excellent. Big Space is nice… kind of intergalactic ambient.

Good way to learn and reverse engineer so you can start designing your own stuff.


I got a couple of the packs already and they are defo better than the factory stuff.

Good shout about reverse engineering though. Much easier on the DN than a lot of machines as you can see exactly what’s going on.

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Haunted Hearts (together with some of the Jogging House DN tracks) practically made me buy the Digitone in the first place.

That’s also the only sound pack I have but so far it’s been plenty. Just immensely inspiring sounds!

Any suggestions from third party sound designers, anyone? A quick search on Youtube shows a handful and I believe @Floppydisk_Pirates has hinted he’s also working on a sound pack for the Digitone. Which I’m definitely looking forward to after his awesome A4 patches.


the red means recording pack


Plancton from Digi Toys:


Dissonant World is my favorite, hands down. But Big Space has 2 of my favorite patches ever.
I buy soundpacks. My sound design is rather lack luster and i dont mind paying money for some new sounds that help me figure out how to make said sounds.
DissonantWorld is my favorite one.


These patches from @OscillatorSink are really nice.


Thanks for the shout-out! I’m glad you liked them!


Just donloaded them now. Will let you know what I think. They sound great on the youtube vid. :slight_smile:

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As people are talking about patch packs here: is there any hunger for a(nother) percussion/drum focused pack? I put a few percussive bits and bobs in my last pack but it wasn’t really the main vibe. I really love the DN for drums and percussion so I’d be up for putting together a free patch pack if people were interested in that?