Best iPad MIDI interface to control multiple instruments

I’ve had this dream for ages of a laptop-less live rig that can sequence a modest bunch of hardware. After going back and forth considering the Akai Force, which is honestly way more than I need, I discovered the combination of LK and AUM for iPad.

Clip launching and flexible-yet-clear MIDI routing, all without indulging an expensive bit of GAS! It looks like a perfect fit. But now I need a way to send all that MIDI from the iPad to a handful of synths, and maybe use them as controllers as well (I like the idea of using my Monologue’s keys as a master keyboard and perhaps also triggering other synths with the Model:Cycles).

It seems like AUM should make all this relatively straightforward on the software side, but what do I need on the hardware side? There are plenty of options with just a pair of MIDI DINs, but most of my gear doesn’t have MIDI thru, so I don’t think one of those basic iRig dongles will work for me.

Check out the Blokas MidiHub and Retrokits RK-006. You’ll also need the Apple CCK dongle to connect USB + power to your iPad.

I know I’m forgetting at least one other popular MIDI hub.

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The RK-006 looks like exactly what I need. Thanks!

You have a couple options, but a couple questions first:
. Which Model iPad do you have? Lightning or USB-C model?
. Do your synths and gear all offer Midi over USB or is it just straight Midi 5Pin?
. What are using for your audio interface to handle all the sound your gear will produce?

I use this midi hub for my iPad Pro with USB-C and the iConnect Mio to get Midi over USB I/O to the iPad.

Depending how on how many pieces of kit you need to sync with you can connect it all up to a larger HUB to this type of setup as well.

Most modern gear will do midi over USB. The only exceptions i have found are the OctaTrack and the latest MPC line (One, Live, Force etc…they only work with the iPad over Midi)

I also use this Midi Quad Thru if i want to go from the iPad to a bunch of midi gear. Just use the Mio to the In on the Quad Thru

Hope that helps and welcome. I’m a huge fan of music on the iPad. Ask away :facepunch:t3:™ If you need any other pointers or have questions.

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