Best midi controller for hardware synths

I’m looking for something that is basically an array of parameter controls for my Virus TI Snow. I want to try and get it as close as possible to a full Virus TI experience, maybe even with some extra controls. Ideally I’d like to make it work without having to send midi via a midi host, so something that can be configured independently would be great.

I think this could also open up loads of possibilities for things like rack mount synth modules that don’t have much of a control interface.

So far I’m torn between the Faderfox EC4 and PC4 - anyone tried either of these and have an opinion on which is best for this use case?

Also interested to hear if anyone has come up with a different solution to a similar problem.


Have you checked out Elektra One? I have tried various Midi controllers (inclusing Faderfox EC4), but I think the customization options, screen, etc. of Elektra One go way beyond… There is a good discussion here on Elektronauts (recently a bit quiet, though).

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That looks really interesting! Shame they appear to be hard to get hold of.

The Electra One is a very nice piece of hardware, although I believe they are limited availability so that could be an issue. Another line of products to consider besides the Faderfox offerings are the Grid modules from Intech. They don’t have screens like the Electra and Faderfox products, but they do provide different combinations of buttons, rotaries, pots, and faders, and their primary draw to me is they are highly configurable.

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