Best of 2018 synthesizers

Here’s an enjoyable best of list I saw on reddit synthesizers subforum. Digitone did well!!!

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Was that born from that god awful survey someone came up with? The one that focused on Beringher gear, and modular stuff?

2018 was an odd year for me. I didnt feel GAS for an awful lot. Grandmother tickled my fancy (oooer) as did the OP-Z sporadically (glad I caved and got one though). The only other bit of gear that piqued my interest was the Medusa.

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three separate categories for behringer clones lmao

most overpriced gear: all Roland–completely agree. I saw a Juno 60 (with case) listed on reverb for $2100. insanity.

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Congrats to Digitone.


I had you covered! I’d never owned a hardware synth until 2018.

May 2018: Moog sub phatty (mind blown)
June 2018: elektron rytm mkii (best electronic thing to ever happen to me)
August 2018: DSI Prophet rev2 (just starting to see what it can do for me)

You’d think I’m rich hahahaha.

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Digitone by far :slight_smile: