Best place to buy Octatrack?

Hi there I am finally close to being able to begin my new Journey with the beloved Octatrack. I live in Canada and I have seen one online at ebay but also one on here (which was the cheapest). But, perhaps it’s wise to buy from a certain website that gives you a certain warranty but again, I am in Canada though I just want to know the best place to get one!!


You get a 3-year Elektron warranty, nevermind where you’ve bought it. Just browse the music stores and find one that fits your price.

Or, if you’d consider second hand, check this forum’s “Marketplace - Buy” section :wink:

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i dont know about any Canadian shops or bargains but i saw this has the end cheek stands inclusive… you will probably need something to tilt the box anyway it’s heaps better on an angle:

Yeah, the one linked is perfect.
Perfect Circuit Audio are tops.
Great service, awesome people.