Best way to change all Octatrack track samples from external sequencer?

I need to change all 8 tracks from Cirklon. If I switch a project it takes a while to load everything. How do I change all samples instantly?

Sample assignments are stored in Parts. You could switch the OT to a pattern that refers to another Part by sending the appropriate Program Change message to the OT.


Or use Slot Mode


Thank you very much! I recently got my Octatrack and I’m still figuring things out.


Okay, then let me add a bit of explanation to my initial terse reply:

If you’re sending MIDI data to trigger samples from a sequencer to the OT, then you can use Note# to select a Sample Slot if you’re in Slot Mode and you have the OT set up to respond that way (check the manual, I forget the details). Note # = Sample Slot

This doesn’t work if you use the Audio Sequencer (I think - I don’t use it, so I’m unsure).

If you are MIDI minded, you can get more creative with an Event Processor, such as chromaticising the sample, adjusting AmpVol and/or FilterCutoff based on Note Velocity, selecting the Sample Slot by PgmChg instead of Note#, etc.

If you only need a few changes, perhaps Peter’s suggestion works best. There are 4 Parts per Bank, so there are plenty of options, just not 128 Flex & 128 Static. :wink: Note: I use Parts to change the FX selections and the above PgmChg->Note# hack to select the sample and that works best for my diseased brain. YMMV


I really appreciate your insights. It would take me a while to understand this workflow :slight_smile:

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In simplest form: In Slots Mode, Note#=Sample Slot

Everything else is just icing. :slight_smile:

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